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Richa Jha “Balance Is Important in Both, Job and Passion”,

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Richa Jha “Balance Is Important in Both, Job and Passion”,

Model Richa Jha was always fond of the limelight. While pursuing Mass Media, she finally realized that she is keener on the entertainment domain and fashion industry. From that day till now, she never looked back and has completed three years in this industry.

“While doing my graduation in mass media, my interest in modeling and fashion increased. I used to participate in all the fests, contests, and ramp held in my college. From there onwards, I started following my passion.”

As everyone knows, good things do not come easily. The same followed Richa Jha as well. Her family did not support her beginning. It took quite a long time to convince them.

“After the completion of my post-graduation, I got a job as a content writer. And, I started my professional modeling. But, my parents were not convinced about this. As you know I am from Bihar and most of our parents expect us to be either IAS or Engineer. At that time too, my parents were not that convinced for opting career in mass media. Though, they agreed and I am the only one in my family who opted a different career from others. But modeling was a completely new thing for them with no future ahead due to lack of exposure to this industry. Now my parents are convinced as they know I am earning well along with modeling.”

Richa believes that in this industry along with the caliber, one should have good networking with people. Communication is an important part of this industry and also balancing both profile and marketing in social media with work is crucial.

The struggle is part and parcel of life be it any industry. Sharing her experiences on this she said,

“To be honest, the struggle I faced was finding genuine network and people to work with. There is bad influence everywhere, where people try to fool you. Secondly, it is very difficult to maintain your profile and being consistent in working upon your skills. There is a massive competition outside and to stand out, you should have a balance in every aspect.” 

Richa has worked with famous brands and companies. The first professional shoot was with Ajio Fashion Jewelers in Mumbai. Also, she has done many ramp shows like Made In India Swadeshi and Mercedes Benz show by Aatarah and Chal Charkha clothing brand. She also represented many clothing brands AJIO, Shein, and many more. And, she was also interviewed on News 18 Hindi channel as well.


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Talking about body positivity and rejection, Richa Jha also faced rejection many times for being skinny.

“I was rejected so many times by saying ‘you are too skinny.’ I felt so bad and I started to compare myself with other models. But eventually, I gained more confidence in myself after seeing many top models who are not perfect. No one is perfect. It is just how we present ourselves.”

Her opinion towards the impact of social media on this industry as well as in models’ life was quite precise.

“Social media has a great impact on us. Most of the agencies and companies contact you through social media only. It has been a great source of networking and connection with designers and recruiters.”

Discussing LGBTQ and queer communities, she is quite supportive of them. She supports their genuine hard work and dedication in this industry.

“Most of the people do not know about them and they do not even try to know. That is the saddest part that without knowing them, people judge and treat them differently or not let them work which is completely wrong.”


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Apart from modeling, Richa Jha loves reading and writing. She is currently working as Content Head for Velar Health Organization. And also worked as a freelance writer for various media outlets like Times Now, Zee News, and many more. She loves to sing and is also a state-level roller skater.

Keeping a balance intact between her job and modeling, Richa Jha is shining bright, day by day.

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