Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Interview with Mannat Kaur: A Rising Star in the Delhi Makeup Industry

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Interview with Mannat Kaur: A Rising Star in the Delhi Makeup Industry

Welcome back readers to another series of makeup artists. Today we come across a very strong and upcoming celebrity makeup artist who has been working very hard and has been very amazing with her work. Based in Delhi this make up artist has turned heads in every place. She with her work has influenced celebrities and also worked with them.

The hardworking, super-busy freelance make-up artist recently found time to speak with our team to learn more about her.

Let’s get her introduction.

I am Mannat Kaur, makeup artist, Delhi based Mua. At the Age of 18 I decided to learn Make up from academy. Days n’ Days went off, learned a lot of new stuff about makeup. Thus, stepped into a phase of my life where I was a MUA.

When did you realize that the makeup industry is the one you want to work in?

I have been an ardent fan of makeup industry since my childhood days. Glamour and makeup have always been my favorite things.

I have grown up watching Divas, like Guneet Virdi & Kriti DS and was fascinated with hair and makeup since then that was my forthright passion and the time, and the experience turned my passion into professionalism.

I completed my graduation and simultaneously the makeup certification. Since I was fascinated by glamour, I became a MUA at the age of 18 after exposing myself to the makeup industry.

What is your area of expertise?

My way of doing makeup is to keep the skin at most natural and dewy finish. Transforming the eyes and hair is the best area where I want to develop my talent I can make any women look like a beauty with bear minimum USP.
Makeup works to my favor as I get to access and deliver a complete look.

What beauty routine do you suggest for all brides – to – be?

Well, wedding is the most integral for brides and they prepare lot for it. Not just a month or two, but for all their teen life. The wedding day itself, however, required special attention.

That one day, when you are present in front of all your family friends & acquaintances, that’s where I come in and make their life easier and usually suggest them to eat well, drink healthy detox juices which can certainly add glow to their skin and avoid too much of Carbs.

Sleeping well and exercise, as the skin has a great effect of them to make it more glowing. Using a Vitamin-C serum day and night to lift and plump the skin for a bright and luminous touch and feel. For a rosy glow, pomegranate can be added to the diet daily

In the end, though I love wedding and doing makeup for my brides. It’s the most amazing thing, when you must present a woman to an audience and gradually become of the center of attraction, like a showstopper in a fashion show.

What is the best way for someone to contact you for queries/ bookings?

Anyone can contact me via What’s app or through, as I answer every individual call from anywhere in the world, making communication instant and faster.

What in your opinion is the most important quality in a make-up artist?

An individual must have excellent listening skills to implement in the work. In addition, as a first step toward becoming a good professional artist, attention to detail is essential.
The important thing is to understand the client’s expectations and use your skills to the best of your ability to meet those expectations.

How to prepare dry and oily skin for foundation makeup application?

Oily skin must be toned before any makeup application to makes the pores closed. To avoid cracks and makeup damage, dry skin needs to be moisturized well before makeup application.

Explain your journey as a Makeup Artist.

I started to get into the field of makeup when I was in the school. My mom gifted me first makeup kit and I started to discover the Instagram Reels and YouTube makeup tutorials.

During the pandemic, I concentrated on learning new makeup techniques by exploring the internet as thoroughly as possible.

I completed my Professional Course following high school, which provided me with a solid foundation for pursuing this career.

Eventually, I had the chance to do my first Celebrity Makeup for one of the most famous singers in the world, Afsana Khan. This gave me confidence and gave me a boost.

But the inner me wanted to learn more so I usually attend Master Class
Finally, my experience and hard work enabled me to establish the Home Makeup Studio, where I began training new aspirants, many of whom are now certified by me.

I am dedicated myself to using my best skills to be more and more efficient for well known brands who are approaching me for collaborations.

My efforts will always remain focused on keeping someone’s natural beauty intact while lending an incredible transformation to them.

With this we move on to another makeup artist for next month. while Mannat can be found on instagram and can be located in Delhi mostly, she is open to travel for specific bookings.

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