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The Privacy Policy explains how we use and protect Personal Information of the users of our services offered by WMH Publishing Agency

  1. WMH Publishing Agency takes no responsibility of the content of the book.
  2. WMH Publishing Agency will not be a party of any lawsuit arising, if any, for challenging the use of copyrighted image in the magazine.
  3. WMH Publishing Agency maintains “confidentiality” of the magazine, till it is printed and distributed and the same is accepted from the Model so concerned as well.
  4. Collection of personal information, and any other information is obtained by the consent of the individual concerned or as required by law, hence WMH Publishing Agency will not be a party to any legal proceedings arising out of this issue.
  5. You agree and acknowledge that WMH may monitor and use certain information for their commercial or any other purposes as explained above.
  6. Unless otherwise specified, the Services entailed by the Model are available to individuals who have attained the age of majority in their jurisdiction (18 years in the case of India).
  7. If concerned individual are under the relevant age of majority, in required jurisdiction and in accordance with law will avail services and access to such services provided by WMH
  8. Parents or legal guardians are advised to comply with applicable laws and exercise discretion before allowing their wards access to the services provided under WMH

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