Wednesday, October 4, 2023

“Fashion for me is keeping up with the change”, Nikita Singh Tomar, Fashion Model

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Meet Nikita Singh Tomar, a fashion model, based in Lucknow ardently following her dreams. She is an extrovert and outgoing person who loves to be the center of attraction.  With getting an opportunity in a cafe as a fashion model after graduation, there was no going back for her. When asked about fashion, Nikita says,

“Fashion for me is keeping up with the change, the trend. Today, Fashion trend is about getting the old fashion back with some modernity. We have to cope with the trend to be in the market”.

Nikita is strongly supported by her sister and parents who were a little skeptical and insecure about her entering the glamourous industry. But with time she proved her abilities. She has been into sports and dance. Sharing more about herself, she said,

“ Being an artist is a vast term, there’s a lot to explore and work upon. I want to enroll myself into a big modeling agency but I am never limited to any artistry field. If I get an opportunity of being an actor I would grab that. For me, each and every opportunity counts and I am a multi-talented person. I was a sports person in my school days and was a state level football player and a judo player”.

 Nikita said her first project was with Aura jewellery. She was groomed by Bangalore fashion week’s choreographer and worked with Kavya Mishra. Being averse to the industry, she did not know how the industry works but she learned a lot. Sharing more about her first experience, Nikita said,

“I was very naive at that time, was just looking at how the work was going. I did not even know how to walk. For a tomboy girl being in that shape of a proper girl with the look, accessories, attires and all was like what I am into? I obviously learned a lot but honestly my output wasn’t that good”.

Talking about her different experiences, Nikita revealed her biggest modeling accomplishment was when she did a fashion show for Tanishq in 2019. Her longest photoshoot was in Lebua, Lucknow for two days. It was a bridal campaign where she worked for a new brand and turned about to be a successful project for her. Sharing more about her journey and the pandemic, Nikita said that she joined a Brand consultancy company as a marketing and operating executive and is still working. During the first lockdown, she groomed herself and gave an audition of Miss India. However, she got many projects, post lockdown.

When asked how she handles feedback, Nikita said that she is an emotional being and negative comments have affected her. Elaborating more on this, she said,

“I have not liked it, criticisms do affect me but on the brighter side if that is true about me, I try to bring changes on that. But if it is not true, I don’t care. My family and close ones have supported me so if you overcome this, it will not only help me in this industry but wherever I go”

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