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Suchishree “No kind of prejudice or discrimination can hinder my path toward success”,

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When you are self-regulated and motivated no kind of prejudice or discrimination can hinder your path toward success. Suchishree Sinha sets a great example for that. Facing numerous rejections and discrimination throughout her life for her complexion, this talented woman paved her way into the industry.

From my school days, I had a soft corner towards modeling. In my 8th standard, I participated in a fashion show during the annual function of our school. From that time itself, my inclination towards modeling started. I decided to pursue graduation in Bhubaneswar for more exposure, as in my place modeling is not appreciatred.

In her initial days, she wanted photographs for building a portfolio. But she was very insecure about her skin color. Many photographers rejected to shoot because of her skin tone.


After struggling for a year to get photographs, I finally got in contact with a photographer who was looking for freshers. Seeing my poses, he got totally impressed by me and appreciated my work a lot. Although, I didn’t look the conventional “model type”, as my height is short and also because of my dark skin. Still I was the best model that he photographed. This totally boosted my confidence. 

Suchishree recently got a project with a regional TV channel called Nandighosh to telecast her as a fashion model. After that, her parents started believing in her and were proud as this was a good start to her career.

I am doing my PGDM from the Institute of Management and Information Science. It helps me in marketing and promoting myself as I am merchandising myself and the brand I work for. So, my education is simultaneously helping my modeling career.

Besides modeling, Suchishree is a trained Sambalpuri folk dancer as well as an Odissi dancer. Along with this, she is a blogger too. She writes about skin and hair care methods that one can do at home in her blog. She is a leader in the true sense as she always has manifested leadership qualities from her school days. Suchisree is always the one who loves taking initiative and doing it perfectly.

My biggest weakness is that, I am very impatient and a perfectionist. Minor things being imperfect irritates me, which sometimes really stresses me out. Being a perfectionist has always been both good and bad for me. Sometimes because of this behavior, I do not submit my work, if I don’t find a particular project perfect enough.

Being an extroverted person she is good at communicating by rating herself 8 out of 10. She loves interacting with new people and gaining knowledge from everyone’s experience. It helps with modeling as well as helps her in taking the first step and achieving different projects.

After my 12th, my color complexion used to disturb me a lot. My relatives always told my mom, ‘how will you handle her marriage and all’, as I was dark. At one point, I started using a cream for my pimples which made my complexion look a little fairer as well. So, I got really happy about that and strated using it for 3-4 months. But then I didn’t feel right as that was not my natural skin tone. So I stopped using it but there were a lot of side effects, as it was a steroid cream. But I managed it somehow and now I am very confident with my skin tone.

Her hostel roommate Subhashree Kar was one of the people who made her feel good about herself. She always hyped and motivated her towards modeling.

Suchishree never lets racist or discriminatory comments affect her mental stability because of her self-motivation and confidence. She gets sad sometimes but her immense belief in herself to reach greater heights just negates all the negative comments.

There was a peagant competion where all my family members came to support me. But the makeup artist just focused on some 4-5 girls. I neither got a good makeup as they just used a lot of foundation which made me look extremely fair nor did I got a good dress to wear. Got rejected in the first round itself. It was devastating and sad at that time. As that was one oppotunity to prove to my parents that I can be a good model. But, losing that oportunity just broke me completely.

She never feels pressure or stress about her work as she enjoys what she does. Personally, she can work for 8-9 hours completely without any stress. She believes that if your work is enjoyable for you then work does not feel like work.

According to her, it is very difficult to get established in the modeling industry. As it’s a very competitive field and also there are a lot of societal setbacks that always come your way. Belonging to a conservative society some people also do not consider modeling as respectable work.

Suchishree has done a photoshoot during the Priyanka Reddy rape case. Where she portrayed the trauma and assault that a woman goes through. In the photo shoot, she portrayed herself as the rape victim and gave very powerful shots. She is also aiming to work for acid attack survivors in the future.


Modeling makes me feel stronger and confident. I feel very powerful and liberated through modeling as its the best way to express myself.

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