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Latest Saree Trends In 2021

The Fashion industry always has space for innovation and recreating new things that people desire. Many things come and go, and some leave a mark. But the demand for new trends in sarees never stops. Sarees define the elegance of any Indian woman. It is a timeless form of art and people love it for its unprecedented beauty. A saree is more than just a piece of garment for women in India. It is a symbol of national pride and an example of rich differences in the 29 states. Nowadays, you may pick different styles of sarees for many occasions and celebrations. The designers bring unique and elegant trends in sarees over some time.

So here is a list of the latest trends in sarees that you may like- 

Get in order with a thin border

First, own it and then flaunt it! Sarees with thin borders are in trend these days. They are highly manageable and lightweight. Those days are gone when women like sarees with thick and broad borders. No one likes to carry such heavy weight on them and this is the best alternative. You can choose those that have mirrors on them and

zari work. There are plain sarees that have thin embellished borders, and they look flawless.  

Blazer style

Blazer is in favor. The future of fashion is androgyny. Putting on a coat or blazer over a saree is a tiny step taken by desi fashion in that direction. This new style brings a modern twist to the traditional saree and the demand for it is increasing every day. If you want a formal look, you can choose a classic monochrome blazer. A saree with thread work or sequins will go with an embellished one. Many social media bloggers are wearing this type of saree and it is getting popular all over the country. 

Belted design

Sabyasachi brides had belts in their sarees and the obsession for that grew among people. It is still there. You can see saree-gowns with belts as their main highlight. If you want, you can also try a simple belt on your saree according to the color and design. Belts will adorn your saree and also define your waist. Some sarees have sleek and broad belts while others have thin and simple ones. It all depends on the type of saree you are wearing. 

Shine with pastel silk sarees

Silk sarees are always a delight and unique trend for women of all age groups. Someone who wants to appreciate their body and curves will choose these sarees. The new thing that you can see here is their color. Pastels are the light and soft hues of all primary colors. Lightly embellished pastel sarees are trending on number one and, they are also a part of several trend forecasts. Pastels such as rust pinks, cream white, and pistachio green are most popular among women. 

Try some sequin work

There is no other thing as sequins! Sequins are in trend everywhere. They are an example of a comeback in the era of sarees. Whether it is lehengas, gowns, or sarees, you can see a lot of sequin work. Sarees are covered in different colorful sequins, while the shimmery look is an eye-turner. They usually have bold colors and thin borders. Buy embroidered or printed blouses for sequin sarees and you will look stunning in every way. 

India’s vibrant Saree Tradition

India has one of the finest handicraft cultures. It is a powerhouse for printing, silk weaving, and dying. In the city of Varanasi, the weavers bend over wooden looms to make Banarasi silk sarees. In Kerala, white mundu sarees are popular. Every saree has a story about the society and people living in it. You can see the mention of sarees in the Rig Veda, and it says that the magical garment is perfect for India’s climate and the customs of both Hindus and Muslims.

In rural areas, you may see women working in sarees all the time. According to some people, there are ample ways to drape a saree. It depends on its fabric, length, and width. Influencers on social media are putting up videos on their pages that show different ways to wear a saree. These videos are becoming popular all over the internet.

Sarees are versatile, just like women!

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