Website Interview

Guess what? WMH India is here to give a boost to your modeling career. Our creative team is at your service. As per your convenience, you can give your interview via phone, video chat, or email. Our team will then author an article based on the information you provide. This will help you in reaching new audiences as well as connecting with your current audience. There is an opportunity to get published in the magazine by having an article online on the website. Following an interview with our models, they tell us that they have received many opportunities and are getting even more recognition. We have a hardworking creative team behind and therefore, it becomes necessary for us to charge a fee from you. The charging fee, however, is pocket friendly as we only charge 500 rupees.  

Magazine Interview

We are here to publish your interview in our magazine as well. The more places you are listed in, the more relevant people you will reach. It will again help you in receiving more brand recognition. All you need is to master the secret to self-promotion, and you will get noticed everywhere you go. Getting a position in the magazine involves a small fee of 1499 rupees. A part of this fee is charged to cover expenses against the creative team.

Model Book

Get published in our model book which highlights your portfolio including your professional photographs, and the best of your works. In addition to our magazine, we also publish a model book.


Every model dream of being on a magazine cover, right? We are here to help you with that aspect as well. Being on a magazine cover is a matter of great privilege and honor. Get a chance to be on our magazine cover. It will help you in showing your real self to the world. Your message will be heard directly and effectively. WMH India's magazine cover will bring you a lot of prestige and offers. The magazine pays for features for those with more than 1 million followers on Facebook and 100k likes on Instagram. Everyone else must go through a proper examination or can make a payment to us for cover features.

Talk Show

Last but not the least, we have a talk show. WMH India conducts live sessions with the models through its team of journalists on Instagram. It does this with the models' cooperation. Additionally, we post and promote the live sessions on our social media pages. This collaboration will help you in gaining new followers and boosting your social media engagement.