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Pratik Shetty who started with Alexander McQueen

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When life closes one door you should find the second door for your success. Certain things happen without us planning for it, and this is a similar story. This dark, tall and handsome model has its own story to tell. Pratik Shetty, a 22-year-old model is inspiring a lot of people out there with his body of work. He is one of those models who is representing India internationally. Pratik Shetty has walked in major fashion weeks across the globe. We spoke to him and let’s know something about his modeling career. And, how he is on the way to reaching heights in his career.

Pratik Shetty tells us that modeling was never an option for him and he never thought about it. But, destiny had some other plans for him. “It was just once I saw an advertisement on Facebook regarding some modeling competition. And the criteria for the same was you need (to) be above 6 ft. So I was 6’3, I took a chance and I after that I kept on clearing all those rounds and finally I was among those 8 boys who were chosen from all over India”. He quoted while telling about how he got into a modeling career and how his initial journey was. “I just got lucky and after that, I gained a bit of experience about modeling and how things work and then I found myself an agency that represents me in India.” Anima Creative‘s modeling agency represents him in India. 



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We all grew up aspiring to become someone in the future or have set career options. However, in Pratik’s case, it was quite different as he had to deal with certain failures and bad phases. He got into football but was met with an accident and had to deal with some serious injuries. He had to put his studies at risk, Pratik Shetty mentioned, “It was like a downfall because I skipped college to play and then I couldn’t play and I failed 12th std as well”.

But, it was like a learning lesson to him. He learned how to overcome failures with some patience. “Growing up I had so many things I was good at and I wasted so much time deciding what to focus on and so-called planning and then I ended up doing nothing.” He does not plan his day and takes it slow. “I don’t plan what I want to do with my life”, he quoted. 

Indian society or our fashion industry is still looking for pretty faces with fair-skinned people. Nonetheless, there are few designers and photographers who are trying to bring change in the societal conventions of beauty. Therefore, they are willing to promote diversity. When I asked Pratik Shetty what according to him could be changed in our Fashion and Modeling industry he stated, “I guess models who are working in the industry should be given more importance because it’s not easy to be a model. Inclusion of more dark skin models and (give) equal opportunities to them”. However, he does not have that much experience working with Indian Brands. 


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When asked how he convinced his Indian family, he proudly said that his family was very supportive. And, not every Indian family feels that modeling is a bad career. Also, showing us how we as a society are becoming inclusive and open to every work. Earlier, people thought modeling is a bad career option. And, models were not given respect but this seems to be changing gradually. Pratik Shetty said, “My family just wants what I want so it was easy. I make more money than any of the people they know and in the end that matters.” 

While describing his first project, Pratik Shetty revealed how it was a crazy experience for him. Pratik’s first project was with Alexander McQueen. He explained, “In London, it was the second day I landed and I was booked for an Alexander McQueen lookbook. It was a crazy experience there were so many models for the same and I gotta do it. It was unbelievable”. 

Everyone in their career looks up to someone and idolizes that person. Well, Pratik’s inspiration is Malick Bodian from Africa and Jeenu Mahadevan from Sri Lanka who happens to be his friend as well. He told, “We look up to each other and every aspiring young model should look up to them”.

When asked about how he would like to sum up his entire journey till-date Pratik Shetty explained, “It’s been crazy, I’m so far ahead of where I thought I’d be”. He thanked the people with who he has stayed and who are there with him since the start. Pratik Shetty also thanked and felt grateful for the agents who helped him since the beginning and have taught him. He concluded, “This journey has been extraordinary”.


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