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Fusion Fashion – An Emerging Trend

The fashion industry is prone to experimentation. One such experiment which gained popularity is fusion fashion. It is a forever growing area of fashion. Fusion fashion is a creative blend of styles from two or more cultures. Different countries and not just cultures try the flavors of their fashion with others. For instance, in Eastern countries, people are preferring fashion styles from the west and vice versa. People of all ages and classes prefer fusion fashion.

India is a country of variations. Right from languages to clothes, you can get everything in variety. Just like a food item, or a song, fusion works well with fashion too. In any boutique in India, you can find clothes that are fused with two or more cultures. Indian people are also adapting the styles which are inspired by Western culture. A recent trend is a blend of Indian fabrics with cuts and designs from Europe. An example of the same includes a mixture of a cashmere top with a ghagra skirt along with a pashmina stole. This outfit can never go without notice. You can carry it in style. Also, a trend from Europe integrated with American trends hybridized with Indian traditional fabrics is fresh and looks attractive. These blends revolutionize fashion in terms of luxury, style, and popularity.

Fusion fashion is for the people who are crazy about experimenting with their clothes. Constant experimenting opens doors for the best possible results. You must have experienced the “wardrobe dilemma” standing in front of a wardrobe. Fusion fashion can eliminate this confusion. Indians have been wearing traditional dresses for ages. This is the time where you can try innovations. The increasing consciousness regarding their looks can make people grow their preferences towards ethnic clothes with a modern hint.

The Indo-western style

Fusion fashion gets  Indian clothes a western touch. For instance, a salwar can be used trousers with a t-shirt. A dupatta can become a stole or a scarf. Also, you can wear a tunic as a kurta. In a dress, the cuts in fabric necklines, waistlines, and some other decorations can are also given a western touch. Mostly, the women get a majority in altering fashion. Hence, a simple-looking kurta gets a spicy and interesting glaze of western touch. You can pair a long kurta with tight-fitting leggings instead of a churidar or salwar. Also, a Patiala salwar is paired with short shirts or some semi-Kurtis. Indian prints glow up a western outfit.

A blend of Indian textures with the western charm is always a good choice. Imagine jeans with an ethnic print that you can pair with a sleeveless Kurti with a Nehru jacket. Sarees are no exception to this trend. You can replace a simple traditional blouse with a modern makeover. For instance, girls wear a corset or a tube top with a saree, replacement to a blouse. As we have already established, fusion fashion is for all ages, sizes, and classes. Hence, it has a variety and is available for all. A long skirt with ethnic embroidery has replaced a traditional lehenga. A flailing skirt is preferred by the old and young equally. Khadi fabric is popular in Europe for kurtas that go with jeans.

Simple tricks to groove the fusion

Fusion fashion can be suitable for every occasion. Right from a business meeting to a wedding reception this trend can never be overlooked. You can stand out anytime anywhere with it. But you need to be creative for that. Mix match and carpe diem. Here are some simple tricks that can come in handy if you have them in your back pocket of ethnic jeans!

  • Drapes

Living in India you understand the importance of draping yourself. It is a part of India’s age-old culture. Some people still follow it. Although they follow the culture they wish to be modern too. Hence, if you decide to go with a simple kurta or a dress, go with a unique draping. You can use a stole as a dupatta. This goes well with a skirt too. Get some western jewelry, shoes, or accessories for the go.

  • Saree

Colleges and Universities have some days reserved as traditional days or saree days. Girls wait for these days to flaunt. To keep up with the modern you can wear a tube top or a corset instead of a blouse. Also, you can drape the saree and put on a belt or drape the saree like a dhoti. You can also wear a saree in the good old style and just play with the pallu.


Women today want a dress that has a charming vintage look but is in a contemporary style. Fusion fashion is a relief to those who are bored with the simplicity of their dresses. Also, for the women who can not cross the conservative boundary but wish to blend in the modern society. For such women, the fusion fashion has a perfect combination of a short Kurti with jeans that can be blended with a stole that works as a dupatta. It helps the women who feel that their body is not suitable for a total western outfit like a t-shirt or a skirt.

Fusion fashion can be western as well as comfortable and has a hint of tradition too. Working women who have to be there at two places, fusion fashion can do wonders for them. Even for the men who do not have many options usually, this fashion segment can create options to wear. 

A bright future

Its emergence has brought a revolution in the Indian fashion industry. Although, this fashion needs to grow more just like other areas of fashion. This segment promises comfort and grace, especially to women. Modern-day women are more open to experiments and hence try out new things with their outfits. As a result, fusion fashion has changed over the years. Not to forget the employment opportunities this trend makes available. Due to the independent nature of this segment, the eager Indian crowd has broken all the conventions in fashion. Fusion in various cultures is a specialty of India. Therefore, fusion fashion has a bright future in India.

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