Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Auchitya Thakur modeling journey will motivate you to work towards your goal wholeheartedly.

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If you believe in yourself then you have the power to achieve everything in life. The treasure house is within you. Keep moving forward and your hard work would lead you toward your goals. But, many people search for success mantras on the internet these days. Recently, I came across a YouTube channel named “Be The Top Model”. The channel is a complete guide to the know-how of taking up modeling as a career in the future. The creator behind this was Auchitya Thakur, a 28-year-old model who started his modeling journey back in 2015. So I went on to interview him.

When I asked about his inspiration and struggles, he says that no one really inspired him to get into modeling. He continues, saying he had to jump different options in his way, as he did not have an academic qualification. He had no money to start a business other than his looks. Aditya Thakur took up modeling which eventually became a wonderful part of his life.

He says, ‘It has become a wonderful part of my life so whenever I look back this inspires me to continue it’

Everyone in his/her life faces a different kind of obstacle. Talking about the obstacles he said that his biggest challenge was how to start, whom to meet, and whether to work with an agency or do freelancing. People are confused about getting the right kind of work in the modeling industry.

And, that is only the sole purpose why he started a YouTube channel. For him, failures are part of life. Everyone in the modeling industry has to face rejection. You might get rejected in 10 out of 9 castings but that doesn’t mean you are not good enough. He concluded,

“For me, rejection is like my teacher who teaches me that the more you get rejected the more you learn.” 

Auchitya Thakur while discussing his motivation and how he stays focused said that he feels blessed and grateful about getting a chance to motivate modeling aspirants through his experience. And, that is what motivates him.

The pandemic has hit the world hard. People are struggling with their mental health due to a lack of work. Staying positive is the only way out in these tough times. Aditya Thakur tries to keep himself busy. He feels one should try to learn new things and convert their bad habits into good and good health.

Elaborating on this he says, most of the time according to him people do not decide their future, they decide their habits and their habits decide their future. He suggests people should read motivational books for a better mindset. He does homework out to stay healthy and tries to plan how he could help others in any way possible that would make him happy. 

Asking about the purpose behind the youtube channel, he says it is to protect newbies in the industry. He says that the industry is full of fake people who are waiting for newcomers to trap them. So he wanted to give an insight into the industry. ”Good people are those who guide you and correct you to not make mistakes. And, bad people are those who always try to pull you down”, he says. He has personally experienced this throughout his modeling journey.

“I don’t want that some newcomer should experience the same thing which I have already lived as simple as that.”

Auchitya was born and brought up in Delhi and was raised by a single mother with 3 siblings. Growing up he had to face quite a few challenges and went through some rough phases in life. Those difficult times gave him the sense to make the right decisions in life. At a very young age, he understood the responsibility towards his family.

Pouring his love towards his mother, he said, “My mother is the biggest strength of my life and she sacrificed everything for her children. She has been so supportive. Whenever I share something with her that I am going to start this thing or that thing she never asks me the pros and cons she always says if your heart says this right.

She has this belief in me that one day I’ll be someone which every mother thinks in this world”. Moreover, his whole family believes in him which gives him positive energy and motivation toward his life.

“I can do anything in my life (with the help of his family)”, he quoted.

When I ask, ”Do you have a plan B?” He replies, “There was never a plan B in my book. Because I believe if you give energy to your body that there is a plan B that you can play safe then you will never achieve your plan A. Once you decide there is no shortcut or there is no other way. Then you will give your 200% to get there. Because you will be too hungry to have that thing. This is my way to achieve goals”.


Describing his first project and his excitement he stated, “Well I can’t explain in words how much excited I was, that feeling was like when a child got his favorite toy I still remember after so much struggle when I got my very first job to walk on a fashion show, I was so happy and excited that I couldn’t sleep at night before my show”. Well, this still happens to him and he wakes up with the same excitement for every single project.

After working in the industry he realized he was meant to become a model. Not because he was making good money or was getting famous or designers

and photographers were appreciating him for his work, he enjoyed doing his work. Aditya Thakur mentioned that he went crazy in front of the cameras. And when people cheered for him whenever he walked on the ramp in front of thousands of people and cameras made him proud.  

Shedding light on his passion for traveling Auchitya Thakur explained that God has been really kind to him. He feels blessed that he has been to so many countries and had made good money out of those trips. He worked in India for almost three years and then joined an international agency.

After 1 month he started getting offers from different counties back to back. Auchitya Thakur analyzed and said, “I think I can’t choose one destination out of so many. All of them are my best travel destinations because I learned so much in each and every single county. I gained so much experience from these countries, met amazing people, made countless friends there, and have experienced different cultures”. 

While concluding Auchitya Thakur told, he would love to take up acting in the future. However, he considers Jon Kortajarena his role model and follows him very passionately. 

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