Thursday, September 28, 2023

Mukkta Singh “The World Is the Biggest Runway, And You Have to Learn to Walk on This”

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Life is a story of roller coaster rides full of different emotions, the same goes for Model Mukkta Singh. Mukkta Singh hails from the capital and largest city of the state of Bihar, Patna. She graduated from Patna Women’s College and is a professional model as well as an anchor. Throwing some light on Mukkta’s modeling journey, she says, since her childhood, she was fascinated by modeling a lot. She started modeling in the year 2017 when she was in college. She participated in the model hunt named ‘Dev and Diva’ in Patna. The judge of that show was Amrita Rao, and, Gulshan Grover.

During my college days, I grabbed an opportunity of showcasing my modeling skills in front of prominent personalities like Amrita Rao ma’am and Gulshan Grover sir. It gave me immense confidence. I still remember that event very nicely and I cherish every moment of it.


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However, Mukkta was unable to win the crown in the show but that never demotivated her. Instead, she took it positively and groomed herself more after that.

I never considered that in a negative way. Moreover, it helped me in grooming myself in a better way. I worked on my body language, communication skills and learned how to carry myself.

Mukkta expresses her soulful gratitude towards her mother for being her backbone throughout her career.

I am really thankful to my mother who supported me at every point in life. Even when I lost the competition she was there standing right beside me and saying ‘you have won for me’. She asked me to start working on my flaws and motivated me at that time.

Mukkta also expresses her desire to become a teacher.

If I would not be a model, I would absolutely prefer to be a teacher. As my father was also a teacher, so I want to walk in his footsteps.

While sharing the challenges she faces during her initial years, she says,

Before modeling, I was teaching in a school where the head of the school told me ‘How can a teacher be a model?’. Therefore, it was tough for me to manage my leaves. There was no support. Although, I managed it and took time for rehearsals, and gave my best in the performances.

Living and growing up in a patriarchal society, she also went through a lot of negative comments from her family members. Earlier, she was not even supported by her father. There was no financial support as well. But with the support of her mother, she made it through. Gradually everyone accepted it.

I faced a lot of comments, where my uncle said, “She wears short clothes and sleeps with people to earn money.” I was supported by my mother. She asked me to ignore the negatives and concentrate on the positive ones. Hence, I chose the way she suggested and went on working.

Mukkta Singh was a very shy and introverted girl during her college. She saw her friends participating in events and walking the ramps. That gave her the thought ‘If they can do it, why can’t I’?

I saw them and pushed myself. Watching and observing them gave me immense motivation to work.

Mukkta Singh has also shared the ramp with famous actress Juhi Chawla for a Jewelry Store launch event. She feels very fortunate about it.

I was feeling very fortunate to stand beside her and then to share the ramp with her. It was all like a dream come true for me. I will cherish that all my life.

Mukkta Singh also expressed her wish to be an actress if she gets a chance.

If I will be given a chance to act, I would surely give it a try.

Working in the modeling industry, one needs to maintain his/her physical appearance. Hence, Mukkta Singh suggests having a proper diet and following a proper yoga schedule to maintain yourself. Adding on, Mukkta Singh throws some inspiring and wise words on how to achieve your goals and dreams.

Dreaming is very important, but executing your dream is more important. One should not wait for the opportunity, you have to grab it. You have to cross the hurdles on your own and give your best to achieve what you want.

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