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Rishi Dudeja “Modeling for me was not less than a dream”

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Rishi Dudeja is an actor and a model from Delhi. This 27-year-old model never dreamt of modeling. Even, though it was not all on his priority list. Before, modeling Rishi Dudeja was working in a marketing firm. The model’s pictures on the endorsement of any brand always fascinated him. But one day he spontaneously decided to leave the job and the rest is all history. Rishi is working day and night to achieve what he aspires to. He is also an environmentalist. Rishi Dudeja loves to spread smiles among people. Let us know more about this young and positive soul.

Talking about his modeling journey Rishi Dudeja told, that he was working in a marketing firm based out in Delhi and was managing the sales and marketing folio of the company. But his decision of leaving the job one day has made him do what he is passionate about. Then he started working on himself.


“Our company had a monopoly in endorsing the brands and I always got fascinated with the models printed on the endorsement. One morning at my desk, I decided to leave my 10-7 job and drafted my resignation mail right there. So, I started searching for questions like “What it takes to be a Model”, etc. I was lucky that I got a contact for 4 authentic agencies based out in Delhi. All I  was short of was my portfolio. So the point of action for me was my portfolio but before that, I had to get back in shape as my sitting job gave me nothing but a big fat belly.”

After getting his portfolio done he struggled in finding work. But eventually, he found his first project in a digital Ad film for a mobile safety app. Since then, he is very grateful for the work he has gotten in his journey.

 I got into shape in 2 months and got my portfolio done. I was out knocking all the doors of all the modeling agencies showcasing that a new model is launched in the industry with a vibrant smile and many more features. And guess what I got my first a project as the main model in a Digital Ad film for Mobile Safety App and  the journey has been grateful for me since then.

Rishi Dudeja never thought of getting into modeling. Also, it was not even his dream. But due to compliments, that he used to get from people for looks and suggestions to try modeling, influenced him. Rishi Dudeja was clear about entrepreneurship and wanted to be self-dependent. Currently, he is running a marketing firm in his hometown and hustling hard to be a professional model and actor.

“For me modelling was never there in my list like not even in my wildest dreams. But, I was always praised with the compliments that I should I got into modelling one day and I took that decision and gave it a try.”

Rishi Dudeja talked about how Indian families do not consider modeling a good career choice. His parents asked him about where will modeling take him in the future. Also, where he will be in the next five years?


Modeling is not common a career. Also, people do not rely on it, as modeling is not consistent. But for me modeling is just not posing in front of a camera and looking good 24×7 it’s more like being a role model in life. Working on my goals, making the environment greener and spreading smiles.”

Rishi believes that modeling is not at all different for men and women. Rishi said it has been equal and things are evolving with time nowadays.

For Women/Men modeling can always be considered as a good career to opt for. As there is always a need for a different type of face that fits into the character. One can start modelling from the age of 1 month – 100 years.

For Rishi Dudeja, advertisement shoots are always fun and better. Also, an advertisement shoot gives fame to a model. Whereas designer shoot helps in monetary terms. Rishi Dudeja has been lucky enough to get good opportunities. He says,

 For me worklinks has always helped in applying for more advertisement projects that I have done in past and has helped me with new opportunities. So for me advertisements are a Thumbs Up.”

Rishi Dudeja has worked for brands like Pizza hut, ICICI, Royal Stag, Horlicks, Blackberry, Nexa, and many more.

Rishi feels that an aspiring model should always keep his portfolio or profile ready, updated, and keep on circulating among the agencies. Also, a model should never pretend themselves as someone else. They should be who they really are and should show their true personality.

When asked about financial stability, Rishi Dudeja replied that for him stability means being comfortable, and being comfortable is being lazy. Hence, he feels that he has not yet reached a point of stability in life. Also, there is a lot that has to be done in order to achieve stability. But to live a life one should have another source of income.

“I still feel that I haven’t reached that level of stability in life and I will never. That’s what makes me crave for more and work more to reach new levels. But for bread and butter one should also scout for some side hustle if possible.”


In the end, talking about his motivation and focus in life, Rishi Dudeja mentioned that he has surrounded himself with the most ambitious people. Also, he tries to spend more on needs than on luxuries. Whenever he feels low, he meditates and tries to find his inner peace.

 Surround yourself with the kind of people who really inspire you. Whenever I feel I am not  achieving what I am working so hard for I close my eyes and meditate. And find my inner peace and the next moment I am planting trees, spreading smiles. Also he affirms, “I CAN DO IT, GOOD IS COMING TO ME, I AM WORTHY.”

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