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Learn How To Build Your Social Media Presence As A Model

The modeling industry has changed dramatically since the advent of social media. Both new and established models are now expected to have active accounts on social media. It is very important as; many top model agencies need their models to participate in specialized training on how to create and maintain appropriate social media accounts. Why is it so important? Because most clients now look at the number of followers the model has and that number helps the client sell more products. The high number of followers also helps organizations to negotiate higher salaries for their models. Therefore, a higher number of followers means a larger payment check for the model and the agency.

How has social media changed the modeling business?

Social media has transformed the modeling business on many levels. It has allowed advertisers to market with a new machine that actually draws the attention of their target audience better than traditional print or markets, which has led to the services we have presented using “social media only,” compared to the broader network of platforms we are familiar with. And it is a great marketing tool for models – Instagram and YouTube are very popular and give clients a lot to see about the model before they broadcast them. But social media does not really affect the whole process of broadcasting.

It is still very important for the models to have a strong portfolio, to impress the customers with the performance of the players, and to be professional in the field. At the end of the day, the client still wants to meet the models before booking for jobs and wants to make sure they book a qualified and experienced person. The modeling industry has responded to the trend of communication with account-setting models and agents showing talent profiles. Find out all you need to know about a social media model.

What to post on social media

Use these resources as an opportunity to have your voice heard. Post pictures showing modeling roles such as for photoshoots and road trips, backstage shots, holidays, and entertainment with friends. Although, the industry is relaxed when it comes to having a glass of champagne and taking selfies at a party, stop overdoing it and do not post where you are drunk. Think about products and customers before hitting the upload button. A happy, outgoing character with a friendly personality and a lot of self-indulgent, drunken, regular personality will be looked down upon.

Online Portfolio

To begin, it is a free tool to advertise and increase your online access. A great opportunity to use Instagram as an online portfolio so make sure the best photos are uploaded on the account. Unfortunately, algorithms are constantly changing which means that the little people who follow you actually see your images in their news feeds forcing many to choose paid/sponsored ads. As you navigate this route, make sure that the selected image represents your product and what you are trying to achieve. Paid ads increase your reach which ensures more people see your photos which leads to more followers and likes.

Managing your social media profile

Posting high-quality content is only the first step, a high-quality image alone is not enough. To ensure users see your profile, communication is essential. Commenting, following, and liking others are always important to your success. This creates your awareness on the platform as people will view your profile if you like or comment on their posts. Researching popular hashtags on Instagram is another way to increase your followers. Use hashtags that match your post and when people search for this phrase or name your image displays. Post relevant photos or videos here as often as possible. Some models even write blog posts to share their lives on an ongoing basis.

Ignore random messages

In the field of communication and the Internet, it is important that you stay safe at all times. Scam artists can easily hide behind the comfort of the screen and pretend to be something they are not. Texting young people who hope to be role models happens very often. Now, innocent teens may not believe in their muscles. However, it is important that you be wise in any dirty play that could lead to dangerous situations. If someone says they are a part of an organization, just call the company to see if they will look. Do not go to a meeting alone based on a confidential message because you may not stray. Always carefully monitor any communication made through social media. Agents have numerous contact prospects so they have time to search for profiles.


Social media is the way forward in this digital age. If you want to be a successful model it is very important to use this tool to your advantage. Work hard to build more followers who will develop a career that you are proud of. Become an active user and look at social networking sites to increase your reach that way. Stay up to date with the community events that are taking place in your community. It is very important to keep in touch and stay alert to what your peers have an interest in. If you are getting used to things like photography, it is a good idea to inform your agency so that they can only protect you by helping you.

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