Sunday, October 1, 2023

“Modeling requires patience”, Gaurav Nautiyaal

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Gaurav is a 30-year-old actor and model from Dehradun. Born and brought up in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, he graduated with a B.Tech degree from I.T.S. Engineering College, Greater Noida. Gaurav is very passionate about his acting and modeling career. He did not waste a minute after he graduated and went to Mumbai to pursue his dreams Gaurav has faced certain obstacles in his initial journey but modeling requires patience. Let us know what he had to tell us about his experience.

Gaurav started modeling and acting during his college days. Then, Gaurav used to attend dance classes, where a friend asked him to give auditions for a short film. He was very sure that he wanted to pursue acting and modeling in the future thus grabbed this opportunity.

“I got selected in the audition and then I made up my mind to pursue my career in this field.”

Gaurav feels obstacles and struggles are part of the journey and every other individual faces them at the beginning of their career. For him, these obstacles are the learning phase and one should go through them to come out strong.

“For me these obstacles are the learning curve which everyone in this industry must go through. It is the same for everyone, there is nothing new to it. You have to find your own way”.

Gaurav mentioned that rejections are also a part of life. They happen everywhere and everyone faces them irrespective of their field. But, one should learn from those rejections and try to improve themselves accordingly.

“Even a food seller gets rejected a thousand times. But what you should do is, keep a track on the points which led to the rejection and work on them. So that the next time opportunity comes, you increase your chance of selection.”


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Gaurav has worked with many brands like Sony Pix, IPL Hotstar, and Volkswagen Polo. He also did a music video for Zee Music with the famous singer Mika Singh. Gaurav tries to give his 100 percent effort in whatever he does.

On asking how did he convince his parents, Gaurav told that they were very cooperative. But, they had only one condition which was, he should sincerely complete his graduation. Also, taking about the society which does not think modeling is a good career, Gaurav says,

“This society will point fingers at everything you do. If you have a big house they will say you must be doing some fraud. If you don’t have a house they will say you are worthless. So it is better not to think much about them and just focus on what you want in life.”

When asked about do family connections work in the fashion industry, Gaurav confidently replied that they do.

“Yes of-course they do. I do not know any field where family connections do not work. It is the same everywhere.”

During the pandemic when everything was shut, Gaurav tried to work on his skills and do something which he liked. So, he started a YouTube channel. His channel is a guide to fitness-related queries. Gaurav is very particular about his fitness as well.

“I just made sure to work on my craft and do something which I liked during this whole pandemic. Along the side I gave auditions and got a few commercials which allowed me to pay my bills.”

Talking about financial stability, Gaurav feels that having a backup plan has its own advantages. Because, if a person is just starting out then he will not get that financial security. He said,

“The financial part is not that great. Sometimes you have a lot , sometimes you do not. So you have to spend only on necessities and save money. If you have any backup source of income that will prove advantageous”

Gaurav does not idolize anyone but he tries to learn from everyone. He takes inspiration from many Bollywood and Hollywood stars. The modeling and acting field require a lot of patience in the beginning. In the end, Gaurav’s advice to every newcomer in the industry was to do hard work patiently.

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