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Under-rated Drag Queens Breaking The Gender Stereotypes

Under-rated Drag Queens Breaking The Gender Stereotypes

In India, drag culture has flourished over time. Today, it has also become a source of expression for the people of the LGBTQIA+ community. Traditionally, Drag Queen is a male who dresses up to exaggerate and impersonate a female gender. This was done for entertainment purposes. Drag culture became mainstream in India since the Supreme court ruled that section 377 is unconstitutional.

Many Drag Queens have chosen Instagram as a medium of expression. Therefore, here are some Instagram handles you should not miss if you are a makeup enthusiast.

Sanket Sveronic – VeRonica

Veronica is 24 years and from Pune/Mumbai. She is expressive and active on Instagram. Hence, the Instagram feed looks colorful and full of life. She is a skin expert and a make-up artist. Also, she has been a Regional Manager at Mr. Gay India.


Hiten Noonwal
They have a Masters’ Degree in design from the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad, also are from Delhi. The make-up they do can be defined as exotic and expressive. They are a genderfluid performance artist. Also, have won many awards based on the make-up skills they possess. “World’s Top Seven genderfluid performers who are breaking stereotypes” is the title they have.

Suruj Rajkhowa – Glorious Luna

Luna likes to experiment with impersonating different personalities through drag make-up. She runs another Mumbai-based Instagram account called @queer_carnival which she calls a safe space for LGBTQ+ performers. Luna is 27, from Assam, and has been on Cosmopolitan, Lakme fashion week, Paper Magazine, and SoHo House, Mumbai. She has also been performing on various stages including Kitty Su Mumbai, Jaipur, Delhi.

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