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Aarsh Khan “Success is not going to come overnight”

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Aarsh Khan came into the modeling industry with a dream of making it big. Aarsh Khan is a 24-year-old model from Delhi. He was pursuing Architecture when he started freelance modeling just to get some extra pocket money. But he never knew that his childhood hobby, one day, will become his full-time profession. This young and handsome model aspires to take up acting in near future as well. Aarsh always has that zeal to learn new things. Let us experience his journey in his own words.

Talking about his initial journey Aarsh Khan told that in the year 2018, he attended a party where a person asked him if he was a model. So Aarsh Khan told him, not yet but he is looking for opportunities. That’s when that person gave him his first project. Aarsh Khan was in the third year of his graduation when he came across this golden opportunity.

“I was very passionate about modeling. Like since my childhood everyone use to think that I should be into modeling or into acting. I really enjoyed getting my picture clicked as a child but back then I did not know I would get a offer for this career later in life.”

Aarsh Khan mentioned that his parents were really supportive of him doing modeling. He told his parents that he wants to do modeling as a side hustle which would get him some pocket money to support his other co-curricular activities.

“They were not very defensive about it. They were like go explore, they were very supportive in those ways.”

While discussing how the modeling industry is different for men and women, Aarsh Khan said it has changed nowadays. Earlier, the fashion industry was more diverted towards women and more work opportunities existed for them. Most of the clients were females. This was because that’s how the media and cinema have always portrayed women. But fortunately, men are getting recognition nowadays. Also, social media platforms these days are pushing everyone to showcase their talents.

Aarsh Khan really enjoys doing campaign shoots as they bring a creative side to a person. Being a creative person himself, Aarsh Khan loves to put some of his input and ideas to make the shoot better. Also, he feels that TVCs (Television commercials) and campaign shoots are really beneficial for his career. According to him, TVCs give a better monetary value and one can learn a lot from them.

“TVC are nice, it is where you can explore your acting edge, and at the same time you get a lot of exposure, you meet new people. Also, the crew is much more larger than a campaign. That is where you get to learn alot of new things.”


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Aarsh Khan has worked with a lot of brands and designers. Recently, he worked with the fashion designer Jatin Malik for their wedding collection. Aarsh Khan has also worked with the clothing brand Devnagri for their spring and festive collection. Wherever Aarsh Khan has worked till now, he has tried to put in the extra effort. He gives the brands more than they expect. That’s the one quality that makes him stand out.

Aarsh Khan feels that education is very important but at the same time, one should follow their dreams too. If a person is starting out and his parents are supporting them financially then it is not necessary to do a job. Otherwise, it is good to have a backup for financial security.

“One should pursue their passion to keep their inner fire going. Once you start getting work in the modeling industry then you don’t need any other work.”

Aarsh Khan believes that a fashion blogger or an influencer is completely different from a fashion model. Usually, people misunderstand the two. So, basically, social media influencer does not really affect the life of fashion model. Also, usually, beauty-related brands look for people who have more followers on their social media platforms than a well-established model.

Talking about the pandemic and how it has affected, Aarsh mentioned that the fashion industry has been affected especially because everything was shut down. Also, the designers were backlogged with shoots, their garments were not being sold, and the collection had to be shot and put online. So, it was hard for everyone as people did not have work.

“The first few years of the modeling career are considered as prime time. When you start modeling for 2-3 years you have really good base, good contacts but unfortunately for me that prime time was now, and just due to covid everything was shut. So basically, it was not just my lose but its for everyone. We have lost very valuable time, and its been really hard for everybody.”

Often men are shamed for grooming, Aarsh Khan’s stake in this was that men are always considered as a certain type and they are not expected to follow beauty regimes. But he feels that it is all dependent upon a person’s personal choice. Also, to feel good, a person requires certain grooming methods.

“Even for males its important to take care of themselves. Self care and self love are very neccesarry. And for self love best way is to groom yourself. Also be happy with the way you look and make changes that you think will make you love yourself a little more.”


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Aarsh Khan’s advice to all aspiring models is to work hard consistently. Also, they should work on themselves. They should take care of their fitness, diet, and their daily routine. One thing people should keep in their mind before getting into the industry is that it is a lifetime opportunity.

Aarsh Khan mentioned very clearly that in the modeling industry, there is nothing like a family connection. A person’s talent could only take them forward in the industry. Family connections can only help in giving contacts but in the end, your talent is what matters the most. However, Aarsh Khan is very grateful to the Talent Thesaurus modeling agency which provides him with work.

“The most important message is that whatever work is expected from you, always deliver more than that. Then they have have no other way out than recommending you for other projects.”

Asking about his motivation, Aarsh Khan expressed that all the tips and tricks you see online are a scam. There are just people selling all these ideas of motivation. Rather your habits determine your motivation, so one should keep good habits and follow a routine. A good lifestyle is your motivation.

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