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Harsh Jha “If You Keep on Trying, Nothing Is Impossible”

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If you are positive, you will see opportunities instead of obstacles and this is Harsh Jha’s life mantra. Harsh Jha is a young 18-year-old model who just completed high school and is planning to complete his Bachelor’s in Computer Science Engineering. He started his modeling in 2018 when he was 15. Harsh Jha hails from Bihar, however, he is pursuing his education in Delhi for the past 5 years. Coming from a state like Bihar and pursuing modeling is no less than breaking the norms to cross obstacles. Harsh Jha shares the modeling scene in Bihar at present,

There is very little scope for modeling in Bihar. People here do not consider it as a very great job, hence they do not value it much. They think that engineering, medical, and UPSC are the best jobs and if one is doing that, he/she gets respect.


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Since childhood, Harsh dreamt of doing something unique. He was raised in a family where everybody is a doctor and engineer. He was fond of fame, name, and glamour and thus he decided to pursue modeling.

I always wanted to do something different, jo mere pure family me kisi ne na kiya ho (which no one has ever done in the family). My main aim was to earn money like others but different from others. And since my childhood days, I liked this world isliye Maine modeling choose kra. (That’s the reason I choose modeling) and most importantly one gets fame and name both here.


Harsh went through a lot of hassles during his initial years. He faced a lot of rejections and his parents were also not supportive which demotivated him. But Harsh never gave up and he kept on trying.

During my starting years, there were a lot of problems I faced. My parents were not supporting me. I was getting rejected after the auditions, which all demotivated me a lot. But I believe if one keeps on trying and working, nothing is impossible.

Harsh idolized Shah Rukh Khan to help him keep motivated.

I idolizes Shah Rukh Khan, he hailed from a middle-class family and now he is a superstar. He has been my motivation throughout my life. If he can do it why can’t I?

Harsh also faced performance anxiety during his initial years. Gradually, he groomed himself and gained the confidence to face the audience.

Starting days are always difficult. I was very nervous during my first ramp walk. I was literally shivering before the walk but I did it and then slowly I groomed myself and gained a lot of confidence.

Moreover, Harsh Jha also shared the impact of modeling on his life.

I was having a very small friend circle earlier. But now I know more people and I learn from all of them. I have achieved a lot of confidence as a person as well.


Harsh Jha expresses his gratitude towards his friends who supported him throughout his journey. They helped him financially as well.

My friends were very supportive and they helped me financially also during my initial year which I will remember for all my life.

Harsh Jha started his journey from Iconic Fashion Week. Then he did several fashion weeks like Mr and Miss Icon, Delhi, Lucknow Fashion Week, Passion 360° WinterFest Fashion Week, and more. Harsh Jha has also been part of e-commerce and catalog shoots. Harsh also shares his desire, that if he gets a chance he would like to bring some changes in the modeling industry.

If I get a chance to bring some change in the modeling industry, the first thing I would do is I will make sure that deserving people are getting more opportunities. I would also like to remove addictions from the modeling industry.

Success to him is fulfilling all his needs and helping the needy. To the newcomers he says,

One should always be aware of the frauds while joining this industry. Stay away from the addictions if you want to succeed. And, most importantly believe that you can do it. Keep saying yoursel, that if you try you can do it.

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