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Sarthak Puri who wants to startle the world and ride to victory

Sarthak Puri is born and brought up in Jalandhar, Punjab. He has big dreams and dedication to fulfilling them. Sathak is an undergraduate student of Business Management. Sarthak’s journey is inspiring yet motivational. Since childhood, Sarthak was very passionate about modeling. He participated in a modeling contest in Punjab when he was in the 10th grade which gave him immense confidence to take up his dream. He had a lot to tell about his modeling career, so, let us know what all Sarthak Puri told us.


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Sarthak described an incident where he participated in a modeling contest when he was just 16 years old. He told that he was very skinny due to which he faced body shaming. But, still managed to secure a place for himself in the top 16.  He got selected as he was very confident. He told the third round of that competition was challenging where he had to remove his shirt.

“Among the 50 boys there, all of them were good looking, with a good body structure. And I was the most youngest there. I did not have a good body but a lean one. So when I went on the stage, without my shirt, they asked me, Sarthak Puri how are you confident among the boys who are so masculine and don’t you feel ashamed. I answered with confidence that I can also do it and I have the capability. Also, its not important for me to have six pack abs to look good and make it till here. She was very suprised and when the results came, I was chosen amongst 16 top contestants.

Sarthak became really confident after the competition. From that point, he thought of giving his 100 percent in everything he does. But his most bad experience from that contest was when his pictures went viral and people started making fun of him.

“Everyone started making fun of me, what will he do, see he will be Mr India, they said he is suffering from malnutrition. They said, isse kuch nhi hoga, iski shakal dekho,(he can not do anything, look at his face). They body shamed me to an extent where I could not focus on my 10th boards as I was so stressed. That was the first time I faced so much hatred and then I called my friends. Those 5 people came to me and told, Sarthak Puri you have a hell lot of confidence to stand up there. This part made me feel good about myself.”

But Sarthak did not participate further in that contest as his parents did not allow him. He had a sense of determination in himself. Sarthak Puri stopped letting people bother him with their opinions which did not matter to him. As he did not owe an explanation to anyone for what he was and what he was doing. He continued to do things that made him happy. So, he started looking for projects which could give him work and experience.

“I started doing doing those projects so that I could feel that atleast I am something which make me happy. I said let’s see how it works.


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During his 11th and 12th grades, Sarthak Puri used to text people and made a good social connections. That social connection he made at that time is helping him now to find work. He maintained a good connection with people via different social media platforms. Due to his connections, he got in touch with famous casting directors in Bombay.

“I texted people if they like to collaborate with me. So, I did a lot of collaborations. I have done a lot of free work in my life. I dont deny that. And its absolutely okay to do free work until and unless you dont build that confidence in yourself.”

When Sarthak Puri went to his college he emerged as a strong individual. He realized the amount of love he had for modeling. Sarthak Puri always wanted to be a well-known model and an actor. Apart from modeling and acting, Sarthak wants to have his own business. He has a keen interest in economics and business studies. Adding to this he said,

” I keep on watching alot of business related content on social media. I like knowing stories where people have actually risen from zero to a billionaire. These stories inspire me to work hard.

Sarthak is really passionate about dancing as well. Also, his interests lie in creativity i.e. photography, styling, and painting.

The biggest lesson that Sarthak Puri has gotten from his modeling career is that we should not judge anyone. There have been some trigger points in his life because of which now he does not like judging people around him.

“Boys of my age have said quite a few things, like tere dost ka koi chakkar hoga fashion industry mei ya voh director ka boyfriend hoga(he must be having any sort of relationship with director that’s why he is getting work.) I don’t pay heed to all this, I say it is your Karma”

Whenever Sarthak Puri receives any kind of compliment, he takes it as a word of motivation. He does not take compliments to overwhelm himself that’s a quality every on should have in today’s generation.

Talking about social media, Sarthak Puri said it’s an excellent platform to connect with the world. It comes with a set of pros and cons and one should use social media wisely. For models, it is important to be updated about the trends. He mentioned how social media is also affecting the lives of youngsters and ruining their relationships. As they spend more time on social media than spending it with their families.

“Nowadays it is very easy to get in touch with people, you don’t have to go to another city, you can have conversation and you can discuss. Social media is very important for the models as it kind of tries to engage you with the public easily and be in touch with them. You can see what’s new, what’s in the trend. Also, you can know whats happening in the globe, you can support any cause, you can be a fundraiser, you can be a mental health activist or you can start your business in a day with a proper idea. So, social media has given  platform to ideas, it is a boon and at the same time it is a curse to youngters.

Sarthak Puri at age of 21 years has dreams of achieving heights and wants to startle the world.

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