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Love Thy Body!

Love Thy Body One morning, you decide to hit the gym every day because you want to have the best body possible. You set on your journey, onwards and upwards. But, why do you choose to do what you do? Have you ever laid back and considered, what makes you think that you need to hit the gym for the best body? Does this need to work out each day, come out because you want a healthy lifestyle. Or, are you tired of people judging you for the way you look? 

While hitting the gym is one of the best decisions possible, what makes you do it, is a matter to analyze. If the gym is what will make you Love Thy Body, then, I am sorry my friend, you have started on the wrong foot. 

We always aim for people to love us above our flaws. Want a partner who embraces our weaknesses, as they cuddle with us to sleep. We want someone, anyone, and everyone to just love us for who we are. And, for not what we could be. But, do we ever realize that often we have worst expectations from ourselves than anyone else could? We sometimes treat ourselves worse than any of our exes ever did. We often become, the toxic person in our own life; of whom nor can we get rid, abandon, or run away. We have to cling to that toxicity whatever it may be. 

But, the question is, why do we even have such expectations? Why do we always treat ourselves hard? Why?

The answers to these questions might differ for all of us. Maybe, we were brought up in a society where looking conventionally good was ideal. Maybe, the social media era of filters and all trends beautiful, makes us want to be that filtered face. Or maybe, we are too scared to own up to those stretch marks, those chubby cheeks, and that uniqueness that makes us who we are. Maybe, we do not even realize that we are being harsh on ourselves. 

And, I know what you might be thinking. It’s easier said than done. Of course, to us, empathy is far easier to exercise than to practice self-love. In the tryst to understand thy neighbor, we forget ourselves. We forget the source needs to be happy at heart to spread the joy we always want. So, let us start slow today. 

Sit Back, Relax

When was the last time you sat back for yourself? If you cannot remember, it is today. Sit back. Spend time with yourself. The time with yourself you were avoiding for so long, is now. All the time you might have been running away to be in the company of your thoughts, it is the time to face yourself. What does your inner voice say? 

Know Yourself

Can you hear the voice inside you? Does it tell you to hit the gym? Ask, why. What reason does it give? Does the reason originate from someone else’s opinion? Is it because that aunty on the walkway said, you look a little chubby now? Is it because some random user on the internet commented on a body-shaming slur? 

It is Okay

Tell the voice, it is okay. Sit with the voice and talk. Tell it, it is okay for people to say what they want and you shouldn’t care. That you like that you are chubby. Tell it why should the random internet troll hold the strings of your life and decisions? Tell it you will work out because you want to stay healthy, and not because someone else motivated you to. 

Work More

Once you have made this clear and set out, it is time to set the stage on fire. Hit the gym, follow a diet, and do everything you feel like doing. If you want to cheat someday, do it, no guilts. But, promise yourself, you will make it up for the day you cheated. Set goals for yourself, and when you meet them, celebrate yourself! 

This July, all we urge you is to love bodies, as you love others’ flaws. Forgive yourself, as you always do. Be patient with your body, as you are with everyone who is slow to learn. Let us be kinder to ourselves in this world where every day is a struggle, and there is so much more in life to deal with than us pitying ourselves for who we are. Love thy body, love thy self!

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