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“Future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams”, Fashion model, Nitin Bhandari

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Nitin Bhandari is a fashion model based in Bengaluru. This young model hails from Dehradun. Besides being a model, Nitin is a flight attendant and a fitness enthusiast. He was a fitness trainer before making his way into the fashion industry. Nitin was an average student and used to love sports, especially football. His parents have always supported him in his endeavors.

“For my parents, they did not have much knowledge about flight attendant or modeling. They told me to do whatever I liked from my heart. They were very supportive as always”.

From being skinny to a fitness enthusiast, Nitin has grown as a strong-minded individual. He was very thin in his school years and later started working on his fitness. In 2-3 years, he became a fitness trainer and started getting offers for modeling. He always wanted to be a fashion model. He liked to be in front of the camera. Then, he shifted to Bengaluru and got an opportunity to work as a flight attendant and started his training.

Further talking about his journey, Nitin shared that he did not have a good personality and communication skills. It was a basic requirement for being a model or a flight attendant. He then started following people whom he looked up to get new ideas and implement them. He started caring, more for himself.

“I did not have good communication skills to be a flight attendant or a model. Playing football in the scorching heat tanned my skin. I was like a normal teenage guy who was very skinny, tanned and dark. I started working on taking care of my food, skin, hair, all these things.”

Currently, Nitin is pursuing a distant graduate in Bachelor of Arts degree from Uttarakhand Open University. Apart from modeling, Nitin is has a lot of hobbies and totally loves his fitness routine. He loves listening to music, swimming, and playing football. He describes himself as a sportsperson. Nitin loves to spend his leisure time with his friends. Moreover, Nitin too had faced criticisms. Nitin has heard many hurtful comments about being skinny since his childhood. However, he learned to take it as an advantage and concentrated on doing his best.

“I was very skinny in my teenage years and people used to make fun of me. They commented on how I eat nothing. I took it as an advantage and started working on myself and used to workout two times a day. In two years, I became a fitness trainer and people who used to make fun of me started asking for fitness tips. I have really worked hard on myself.”

Nitin told that his first project was with a fitness brand, Zymrat two years back. His friend recommended this shoot. His favorite shoot to date is with Melorra, a jewelry brand. He has traveled to Mumbai and Delhi for different shoots. Nitin had got to learn a lot from his different shoot experiences. He loves interacting with people on shoots and likes to exchange ideas. Moreover, he strongly believes that models should be credited and deserve respect for their work. People have wrong perceptions about models which should be changed. In addition to this, Nitin said,

“It takes more skills than people think for being a model. Models do not often get the credit they deserve in adding to the creative process with the beautiful movements and interpreting the vision of the team”.


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Currently, Nitin is a freelance model. In the future, he sees himself as an established model representing India at the international level. He wants to work with international brands such as Gucci, Prada, Chanel and wants to see himself as one of their models. Therefore, Nitin has a lot of expectations from his modeling career. In Bengaluru, Nitin’s modeling career has been smooth. However, he believes that there are still many things he has to learn and improve.

Presently, Nitin is not associated with any social cause due to his packed schedule but he wants to associate with it in the future. He wants to work with NGOs that work for the welfare of children and to contribute as much as he can. He strongly believes in the rights of children and saving them from getting exploited.

Adding further on fashion, he says,

“Fashion for me is representing yourself, in a way that when other people look at you, they get to know your personality from your clothes. Fashion is completely a vibe to me”.

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