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“I really like to experiment so I can’t box myself under one label”- Siddhant Chandra

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“I really like to experiment so I can’t box myself under one label”- Siddhant Chandra

Siddhant’s fashion blogging journey started in a very unexpected way. He never thought of becoming a blogger but it just somehow happened to him. Initially, he used to just dress up and post his outfit of the day pictures whenever he would go out. He started getting really good responses for those pictures. That is how he started posting regularly and often. It was never a planned thing for him but now that he is into it, he never has loved doing something like this ever. He is from Patna and did his schooling at Delhi Public School, Patna. By degree, Siddhant is a lawyer.

He used to do fashion blogging as his passion and his family never had a problem with this ever. Basically, his parents were rather quite supportive and motivating in this process of blogging. He never has faced any kind of roadblocks to doing blogging because of his parents. Besides blogging he loves listening to music, watching movies, dance, photography, and making videos. These are a few things of many that really interest him which he likes to do in his free time.

I have faced criticism and I generally handle it with a lot of maturity. If I feel there is any scope for improvement or learning from it then I try to make the changes in my work. Even rejections are a part of life. I deal with them with a lot of worldliness and try to make myself better so that next time I do not face rejection.

He considers his strength to be his inventiveness, talent, and hardworking nature. He believes his greatest weakness is never getting satisfaction with his work and always wanting to do much better which can be very tiring at times. Siddhant wants everything to be perfect. The process of reaching perfection gets a little weary for him.

I handle stress and pressure by keeping myself calm and focused on what I am asked to do. The toughest part of being a fashion blogger is to come up with something new with consistency but with the limited recourses you have, it gets really difficult. You have to invest a lot from your side before getting proper work.

Siddhant believes that social media is helping bloggers in a lot of ways. It gives bloggers a lot of exposure and opportunities in life and gives the right platform to showcase their talent and capabilities. You are also able to get a lot of work through social media as seeing your profile many brands will approach you.

His recent achievement was getting recognition by the biggest fashion icon in Bollywood that is Sonam Kapoor Ahuja on her Instagram. She posted his picture twice. She has also added him to her stories few more times for his vivid fashion sense. That is something that made him really happy and motivated him to do better. He would also like to collaborate with Sonam Kapoor for obvious reasons in the future if given a chance. He feels that she is one of the best-dressed celebrities in Bollywood.

The current fashion trend that I love the most is flare jeans, high waist pants, chunky loafers, loose fits, etc. These are some of my go-to clothes as well. But I am not into a particular type of fashion. I really like to experiment so I can’t box my sense of fashion under one label. My personal style is quite out of the box and experimental. But my forever favourite would be retro styles.

Siddhant’s favorite quote is “you will face many defeats in life, but never let yourself be defeated” by Maya Angelou. It basically means that you will have to face many obstacles and losses in your journey. But you never should get demotivated by that but rather learn from it and keep trying. Currently, he is not associated with any specific social cause but supported many. They do charity, feed people, and rescues animals.

Lastly, fashion blogging has given me a lot of confidence and exposure. It has changed my personality and opened a lot of doors for me. It’s a very nice way to explore my creative side.

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