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Modeling as a Career: Yay or Nay?

Do you often daydream about becoming the face of Vogue India or Elle? Or your life goal is to walk alongside Gigi Hadid or Priyanka Chopra? Well, if you are living the dream to slay the ramp walk, you need to have the right planning. Moreover, modeling is the most glamorous career one can have. One can gain immense fame, wealth, recognition as a model. In addition to that, one can have the opportunity to travel around the globe and become an international face.

However, no successful model has ever said that modeling is easy. It requires lots of hard work, passion, dedication, and that will to never give up. Your passion for modeling will determine your future as a model. Along with it, you will need to develop certain qualities such as a good social network, professionalism, and patience.

Tips to follow before you kickstart your Modeling Career

The glamorous world of modeling though looks shiny and bright, it requires a big deal of time and sweat. The way to that dreamy world is not easy. It is a hard-earned profession. The bitter truth is you will be facing challenges, insecurities, and rejections. But as the saying goes, self-belief and hard work will always earn you success. There is no goal that one can not achieve by working hard. Therefore if you want to start your career as a model, there are tons of things a model needs to know before kick-starting the career- 

Practice and practice:

If modeling is an art, you can be the Picasso of it by practicing hard. What do models do on a ramp? They simply walk. Well, that walk is not as simple as it looks. You need lots and lots of practice to have that. Your walk makes you different from the rest. Furthermore, you need to study and understand the walks and poses deeply. Meanwhile, when you face the camera and start walking or posing it can be awkward for the first time.

Therefore, as a beginner, you can start practicing by yourself or with the help of a friend. The more you practice the more comfortable and confident you will become with the camera. Sometimes it may take hours to get the perfect shot. Therefore, you can follow different fashion magazines, study youtube tutorials on how to start posing for the camera. You can buy any tripod and start posing on your own.

Get one stunning portfolio:

Your portfolio can be the gateway for you to enter the industry. Therefore, the better your portfolio is, the higher your chances are to get noticed. Thereupon, the portfolio will add value to your career. Whether you are going for modeling or acting, a portfolio will add more significance to it. Your portfolio should include all your best shots and have vital information. Meanwhile the types of pictures you should be focusing on while making your portfolio are –

  • While adding your pictures the first photo you should be concentrating on is a beauty shot. It shows the natural state of the model. Even the client wants to see the real beauty of the model without any heavy makeup. 
  • Add your full-length body shot. You can click your full body length in casual jeans and a t-shirt. Try to avoid a full-length skirt or any other long dresses which would cover up your whole body.
  • Do not forget to add a smiling shot of yours. However, even if you think you do not have ‘perfect’ teeth you should not bother about it. 
  • If you are an adult and comfortable wearing a swimsuit, add your swimsuit shoot to your portfolio. It will help you to hit the mark. Meanwhile, apart from putting your best shots, your portfolio should show your versatility. Additionally, you must choose the right type of template and include high-quality images.

Do proper research about the modeling agency you are collaborating with:

Even though you are just beginning your career, do proper research before submitting your portfolio to every agency. You must know that the agency is legit and you are comfortable working with them. Because if you feel like baking off for your reason after signing up, that can harm your career. Along with that, it is necessary for you to know their past works and whether they are associated with any established brands. To sum up, you should have all the information about the agency you are further working with.

Learn to accept rejection:

One can not become a supermodel overnight. All the popular models who we admire today, have their own struggling stories. You have to prepare yourself mentally to accept rejections. The story is not about one or two NO!!!. You may face thousands of NO and see the door shutting in front of your face. Nevertheless, success will not come to you overnight. With your dedication, passion, and hard work you can turn every NO into a big YES. You can always learn from your mistakes and grow from them. Therefore, you must train yourself to accept all the criticism and slay with more practice.

Use social media in the best way:

Your Instagram or Twitter account can bring big opportunities to your career. Through your social media, you can show your talent as well as build a network.  Nowadays many brands hire models to promote their products through Instagram and so on. Moreover, you need to have a good amount of followers and an active account. It helps the brand recognition you and it works as a plus point in your modeling career.

Always try to seize the opportunity:

Never hesitate to promote yourself whenever you get the opportunity. To start with, you can try to model for your local makeup artists or photographer. As your journey of a thousand walks will begin with small steps. Therefore, you need to be fearless and confident to look for chances to get noticed by the clients. 

Hard Work Is The Key To Unlocking Doors

Becoming a model is not an easy task and it never was.

Sometimes it may take a whole day to get your perfect angle or a few months to get your first project. Along with that, you may need to sacrifice your sleep, your favorite food, and your comfort zone. Furthermore, there will be thousands of negativity and hard days. However, success does not come to anyone in an easy way. Hence, your dream to get into the glamorous world of modeling is worth all the hard work and sweat.

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