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Aishwarya Shetty is leaving no stone unturned to achieve milestones in her career

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Aishwarya Shetty is leaving no stone unturned to achieve milestones in her career

Nothing is as important as passion. No matter what you want to do with your life, be passionate about it. So does, who belongs to a South Indian family. This young confident woman is working hard towards her passion each and every day. Therefore, she is hustling hard to achieve milestones in her career. Besides being a fashion model by profession Aishwarya is a digital marketer. She is the co-founder of a digital marketing agency named Treble Trail. Aishwarya in her modeling career has worked with many brands and designers. She has a desire to work with Sabyasachi one day as she admires his work and wishes to be a part of his beautiful and culturally rich brand.

Aishwarya, before getting into modeling made sure that she completes her education first. So, she completed her graduation in mass media and did her master’s in electronic media. Aishwarya told that her parents were really supportive but they asked her to keep her education at the top of her priority list. While she was studying, she participated in many beauty pageants and trained herself to become a professional model. She gained a lot of experience by participating in all the beauty contests and model hunts.

“Growing up I was always fascinated by the idea of being in the glamour industry and watching models strut the runway would give me immense happiness. I started off with beauty pageants and model hunts to groom myself and did my first ever fashion show which was a college event when I was doing my graduation and that kind of put my next set of plans into action of pursuing modeling as a career.”

Outside modeling Aishwarya loves to sing and she is a trained classical singer and dancer as well. Anything related to creativity interests her. Growing up Aishwarya was very passionate and fascinated about modeling. Right from her childhood, she imagined herself being in the fashion and entertainment industry.

“Okay it might sound a bit cliché, but my zodiac signs are Taurus and Libra, so we’re naturally attracted to all things fashion, beauty, art and music. I feel like it’s an innate quality so the desire of being a part of the glamour industry was always there. And when I had better clarity of what exactly I wanted to do, I decided to give a shot at fashion modeling and eventually acting.

Like I mentioned previously, since I belong to a south-Indian family, we never had an option to choose anything other than science and being academically bright, I was also inclined towards studies but the sooner I realized that this is not something that I wanted to take up professionally, I decided to do my graduation and masters in the field of advertising in order to stay more relevant and closer to the entertainment industry. “

Aishwarya is very particular about what she wants to do in life. So, when asked about participating in any of the reality show which streams on popular TV channels, Aishwarya told that just because of fame she never wanted to do anything which came her way. She revealed that she was shortlisted for the popular modeling reality show “India’s Next Top Model”.

“I have always loved watching America’s Next Top model and the likes. What I love the most about these reality shows is that they truly focus on grooming a model and helping them become a better version of themselves, preparing them for the competition in the outside world and making sure they get good work.

But I feel Indian shows work differently. The focus is more on creating drama and increasing the TRP ratings, which kind of takes away from the original intent of the show.

But as they say any publicity is good publicity, while it might work for some, I personally don’t think that’s for me.

Aishwarya has worked with brands and designers like Hero Motors, Raymond show, Nivedita Saboo for the Polo show, Vikram Phadnis label, and many more. She aced the ramps of many fashion shows like L’Oreal LA French show, Global Summit 2019 show for Circular Apparel, SVA Couture, Dadasaheb Phalke awards show 2020, Bombay Times Fashion Week, and the list goes on.

Aishwarya feels that weakness is something that is a part of everyone’s life. But learning to overcome that is more important.

“Well, growing up I was very nervous of public speaking and facing a big crowd. Hence, I always challenged myself to overcome my fear and have been successful at it. But yeah, talking about weaknesses, well I can be very indecisive and emotional at times. So that’s that.”

Talking about dealing with any sort of uncomfortable situation during shoots, Aishwarya told that she has been fortunate enough in this case. She always took her mother during her initial days of modeling profession. Also, she advised people to try sharing the location of the shoot with their friends and family to be a little extra cautious. Sharing a small incident Aishwarya says,

” Fortunately, I never had any bad experiences. I have always been very cautious but talking about uncomfortable situations, well there was this one test shoot that I was called for wherein the casting guy was also the photographer. But the kind of brief and suggestions I received made me a little uncomfortable. And as it was getting late and there was no one else in the studio, I decided to leave as soon as possible and handled the situation well.

Well, you are your own choices. Nobody can force you into doing anything. But it’s always important to be extra cautious while going for auditions/castings and being aware of where you are going, with whom you are interacting. Only when you are comfortable enough, should you go ahead and take the project. Work with like-minded and professional people. And this is something that’s important for every model irrespective of whether you are a girl or a boy.”

On building a better relationship with the team and other models, Aishwarya quoted that it is very important to have a good understanding and bond with the people you work with. So, she feels that it is good to guide other people or even help aspiring models.

Your little act of kindness leaves a very good impact on others.”

On associating herself with a social cause Aishwarya says,

” I truly admire the positive changes that are happening in favor of the LGBTQ community and support it entirely and feel people should make the effort to educate themselves and work towards creating a place where everyone feels respected and safe.”

Towards the end of the interview, we had a quick rapid-fire round with Aishwarya. This is how it went:

Social media for you is:


Are you a day person or a night person:

night person

Dream goal:

to be successful in whatever I am doing. 

A dish that describes you:

Comfort food; Anything with cheese and chicken

Favorite Netflix binge:

Breaking Bad, huge fan of Outlander 

Fitness myth you want to break:

for losing weight you have to stop eating.

Describe 2020 in one word:

a roller coaster ride

3 adjectives you would give to the fashion industry/modeling industry:

challenging, motivating, and entertaining.

Aishwarya being a very down-to-earth person was very supportive during the interview, we had a great time talking to her. We wish her luck for her journey ahead.

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