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Ethnic Wear VS Western Wear

The Never-Ending Debate

We are all living in an era of instant change. Today in the changing era, the world is moving at a very fast speed. Fashion has gone through many changes in the past few decades. In India, we have seen people adapting to western culture and their sense of fashion has changed exponentially. Now people have started to question whether to stick with traditional clothes or follow new western trends. Ethnic and western wear are outfits that are poles apart. Often people wear ethnic wear and western wear according to the different occasions. For example, if a person is going to the office they wear trousers, shirts, or skirts. Similarly, going to a wedding, people usually opt for ethnic outfits like lehenga, saree or sherwanis, etc.

“I do not choose one over the other. It depends upon the situation. So if it is an event or any Puja then it is really fun to wear your Lehenga, if there is a friend’s wedding. Or if you are chilling out with your friends then a normal Kurti is also comfortable and you can style it as well. But my go-to outfit is always, black jeans and a black top. On a day-to-day basis, I tend to wear more western clothing and on any special occasions, I do enjoy wearing ethnic whenever I get a chance.”, fashion model and Miss Navi Mumbai, Kavita Mishra. 

A lot of people believe that our traditional clothes represent our culture and traditions. Also, they are rooted in our true identity, and letting them go will be considered as discarding our own culture. Most of the young generation today argue that we should now learn to go with the new trends. It is important to decide what to wear and feel comfortable. Whether that is western or ethnic 

Sona Goldar, Miss Diva East 2013, says,  “If you talk about how comfortable an outfit is, it completely depends upon the person how they carry their outfit. But, being Indian and Bengali, I love to wear a saree, it is always going to be my first preference. I equally like to wear both, daily I wear Denim and t-shirts but when there is any occasion I love to wear ethnic because usually, we do not get a chance otherwise. I feel from your clothes people understand from which culture you belong, as India has a diverse culture. Our culture represents our outfits. So it plays a very vital role.” 

However, western wear usually offers freedom of expression and a person feels confident. Western clothes are usually convenient and comfortable to wear. It is believed that the young generation feels more confident in them. It also gives them an option for flexibility to change their fashion styling according to day and night. Therefore, this results in people leaning more towards western wear. 

Ethnic wear on other hand does represent our culture. Also, it is very important to keep a hold of them and preserve our national culture. With time we are losing some of the most nuanced and limited fashion fabric of the country. In the coming few years, if we do not hold on to our traditions and promote our culture we will become extinct one day. It is not wrong to wear western clothes of course but one should keep in their mind that we have to represent the beauty of our culture. At times traditional clothing tends to be uncomfortable and it becomes difficult to carry but striking a fusion between both is also an option.

Ethnic wear for me is something that represents my culture and I love wearing ethnic clothes as they keep me connected to my culture and values and western wear is something which adds a twist to your culture and is much comfier”. fashion model Shubhi Dhaneta. 

Wearing clothes according to the occasion is important. People usually do not go to a university, wearing a saree with sequins all over it the same way. In the same way, people also do not go to holy or sacred places wearing western wear.  Western clothes indeed give a sense of global unity academically and professionally but then it is also important to choose clothes that might represent us globally. However, The choice always is what you wish to pick that day.  

 In conclusion, wear clothes that are comfortable be they western or traditional. Because daily life comfort comes first. But what is not appropriate is keeping aside our culture. Follow trends from all over the world but do not shy away from traditional clothes. 

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