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“The Journey Is More Important Than The Destination. Just Believe In Yourself” Udita Tanwar

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Udita Tanwar hails from ‘Land of Maharajas’ Rajasthan. Although, she is born and bought up in ‘Pink City’ (the largest city of Rajasthan) Jaipur. She has completed MBA in Business Administration. Currently, she is pursuing Visual Arts. Udita is into modeling since 2017. She says “The journey Is more important than the destination. just believe in yourself” Sharing more about her place, Udita says

Rajasthan is love, I love the culture of my state. Being from a Rajput family, I am attached to our culture. Coming from the pink city I have always learned to welcome people from my heart and soul. And that is the reason I love to meet new people in my everyday life and love to know more about their culture and values.


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As per the increasing modernization, Rajasthan is also improving in every segment.

Modeling in Rajasthan is something growing these days. I see new girls taking interest in modeling and acting nowadays, which is very good for our state. When I started there were fewer opportunities for the model to grow in the same field. So, I went to Delhi and did many shows and shoots. I learned a lot from there. But now I am working in Rajasthan on regular basis. Also, people were not supportive of the same before. But there are many friends of mine now who belong to the Marwari family and doing so well in the industry in Delhi, Mumbai, and, Jaipur.
And this is good because parents are trusting their children and understanding this field as a career option.

Udita is entitled with Miss Body Beautiful in Miss Rajasthan 2017. Then, she won Miss Talented and Miss Fit in Miss Glamanand Super Model 2018. Afterward, she was the finalist of Campus Princess 2019. Moreover, she was runner-up in Miss Nation 2019, in Dubai. She has also worked on 2 music videos. Also, judged and mentored pageants. She has walked the ramp for Lakme Fashion Week 2020 with designer Payal Singhal, The Vogue show 2021, Couture runway week 2019, U&I international 2019, India runway week 2019, FDCI JJ Valaya show 2019 TABRIZ, Delhi times fashion week 2019, FDCI India couture week 2019, Royal Rendezvous association with TAJ, India style fest 2019, Blenders Pride Fashion Week 2019, Page 3 Award Delhi 2018, India cult lifestyle, Fashion Week Dehradun 2019.

Moreover, she has collaborated with renowned designers like Payal Singhal, Rohit Baal, Ritu Kumar, Nikhita Tandon, Tarun Tahiliani, Bibi Russel, Falguni & Shane, Suneet Verma, Puneet Bhavana, Poonam Bhagat, Felixbendish, Gauri and Nainika, Pallavi Jaipur, Karisma (Fabiana ).

During the interview, we asked Udita to describe herself in 3 adjectives to which she replied by saying

I believe I am dedicated, optimistic, and warm-hearted.

When the going gets tough, the tough get going. This fits wells on Udita tanwar. Facing and crossing all the hurdles, she made her way in modeling.

When I stepped into modeling, my parents were not supportive. I participated in many pageants and gained their trust through my achievements. And that is when I started my journey as a model. During which, I faced the challenges that came with me being from Rajasthan. Still when I go for shows or shoots people directly say that ‘We don’t want to work with a Jaipur model as we don’t know how would they pose and all’. They moreover believe in Delhi models.
This is not good because no one can judge a person from where they belong. Even there are some designers who upfront says that ‘We don’t work with Jaipur models’, which makes me sad. And this is the one point that I need to prove wrong in every designer shoot that comes my way.

Expressing her desire to work with the best Indian and international designer, Udita says

I really want to work with Sabyasachi, because they accept every body type which is giving the modeling industry a new perspective. And I have a dream to walk for Victoria’s secret as they have changed their model selection process. These two designers have recently changed the modeling industry’s perspective, so I am looking forward to working soon with them.

Udita very strongly believes in women empowerment and highly supports feminism. She lives with a lot of ambitions to bring some good changes in society.

I would love to change the viewpoint of people about girl education. They need to understand girls’ education is more important, as they raise the future generation. Now girls are making the country proud. Today only one of our ladies has made India Proud in Tokyo (about Mirabai Chanu In Olympics). So people should educate their girl child in every field. There is nothing that girls can not do.

Moreover, Udita has taken a great initiative for the girls of our nation. She runs her own grooming academy named ‘Sculpt Talent Management’ where she grooms girls for modeling.

It is Sculpt Talent Management. I started this because I want Jaipur girls to know more about modeling.Having an experience in the modeling industry for the last 3 years, I want these girls to get good guidance. Hence, I want girls to be super active and super groomed so they don’t face any issues in any shoot and shows. I want my girls to make Jaipur, Rajasthan,and most importantly India proud. I want my girls to be future supermodels.

As per the era, the modeling industry is also upgrading itself with several best changes. On which, Udita shares

I feel like there is nothing that is degrading the modeling industry. It is upgrading these days as the  modeling industry has started accepting every type of body and skin. Now there are no gender biases, everyone is working in this industry which is so positive for the world.

Every journey has its own story full of good and tough experiences. So is Udita’s journey as well. Although she being a very positive person, considers it all as a lesson.

As a model, the toughest experience I have faced is in casting. I have always traveled for casting from Jaipur directly. Because they announce casting a day before. Sometimes it is difficult to manage the timing.
The last experience for me was yesterday only. I was traveling for Amit Aggarwal casting and I got late due to the bus and I came back to Jaipur from the mid-way through roadways. These few experiences teach you lessons.

Udita has crossed hurdles on the professional as well as personal levels. However, she bravely handled and successfully achieved it all.

Most of the time, My father hated when I returned home late at night from shoots and shows, which affected my personal and professional life. Later, one day I asked him to come to my show, requested him, asked my mother to support him once. The day he went to see my show he was happy as I was a showstopper for the show. That made my parents proud, but later too when I started traveling and not coming back home for a couple of days that again made my parents sad. They were worried about me.
But I asked them to trust me and one day  they saw my hoarding on the media news.
And these small things made my journey a little smoother.

Our society makes our passion more challenging for us. Thus, Udita has also faced several issues due to this.

I am from an orthodox family and what was more challenging for me was to convince the society. And I am still working on that. I want more Marwari girls to live their passion. When I started modeling, people talked a lot, said many negative things about the modeling industry to my parents. That made my parents have hard time understanding the modeling industry. But I believe if you work hard, live on your goals,make your state and country proud, everyone will start supporting seeing your achievements. So I worked on myself instead of thinking of my society.

Udita gives a message to all the aspiring models.

To all the aspiring models, Just believe in yourself, You are the queen. Give your best in everything and accept failures because that failure is your progress. That one rejection will make you a future winner.

Udita believes,

The journey is more important than the destination. Just be you and believe in yourself. Everything is in your way.

Interviewing Udita was very enlightening for us, hope her motivating and uplifting story inspires you as well.

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