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 Do Not Tape A Broken Bridge

 Do Not Tape A Broken Bridge

Behind the closed door, you are now sprawled on the floor regretting your choices, was it even worth it? Sure, breakups are messy, they leave you full of questions and new insecurities brim up. It may happen that you suddenly want to go back to what you both used to be. Or maybe you are free from a restraint relation now.

Breakups leave you in a mess, a mess which only you are capable to scour. Maybe no one will tell you this, but it is okay if you feel grieved, overemotional and pathetic right now. But you have to wake through this mess. Give yourself some time, try to heal, invest in practices you used to love. Pick that guitar up and mold away with the melody, write letters to your family and friends, journal it out, or hit the gym, just work on yourself. Now you have to be giving time to yourself.

‘Just forget them’, but how are you even supposed to do that?

Taking the first steps

The first step to getting over a bad breakup is to accept the truth. You cannot change the fact that you are no longer together. Maybe it was just not meant to be.

Remember that it is normal, again, to fall into a rut. But do not indulge in harmful practices. Do not get into substance use, you are degrading your body. Try taking small steps at a time, your goal is to fill your broken pieces with life, and it will take time.

You may want to go on social media just to check ‘once’ and then you fall into the cycle of repetition. You will only be hurting yourself, try to stay distracted. Meanwhile, dare not skip those meals. Why work on self-destruction when you are vulnerable? Try to accept yourself and pledge to take care of your body, and it is okay to seek help. Eat well and stay hydrated. Having junk food is completely fine, but make sure not to eat in excess, the sugar and salt would not do you good in this state. Exercise is a healthy distraction, but do not overdo it. Do not cuddle up in your bed, try taking a walk outside, have some natural air.

Find a getaway 

Sort through your belongings and keep away theirs. These belongings will somehow haunt you with unwanted memories, so it is better if you hide or give them away.

Pamper yourself. It does not take much. Try getting back to things you missed doing, Work for your dream job, plan that holiday you always wanted to go on, feel happy about yourself. And during the process of healing, find a way to love bits and parts of you. It is you who you should give time to now, even your broken pieces matter. Stop criticizing yourself for things you cannot control. Pain leaves with time, do not try to force it out. Instead, work on your goods. And till then, work for a better you, a stronger you, and a more experienced you.

Always remember, you cannot start the next chapter if you keep re-reading the last one.

Good things are far-fetched, the road is heavy and dangerous, but the end is always sweet.

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