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Aditya “You Can Cross All Hurdles If You Trust Your Passion and Work on It”

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Going against every norm and breaking all the boundaries Aditya is now a successful model. Aditya hails from the city well known as Pataligrama AKA Patna, Bihar. Coming from a place like Bihar, where parents usually expect their children to go for medicine and engineering, it was challenging for him to pursue modeling.

he was a scholar student, hence his father always wanted him to do engineering. But, Aditya since his childhood was attracted to the glamour world. He always envisioned himself as a model or an actor. After conveying his dreams to his parents, he had to face the wrath of his family. His father and the rest of the family stopped talking to him. He did not get any emotional or financial support from anybody from his family.


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Although Aditya believes until and unless you don’t give up and believe in your little maybes, you can definitely achieve it.

he went to Delhi for his first audition when he was just 17. After that, Aditya did his first cameo role in ‘Phir Bhi Na Maane Batameez Dil’ on Star Plus. In the year 2012, Aditya got his first pageant “Moksha Patna”. After that Aditya never looked back and overcame every challenge, he made his way into modeling.
Aditya had to also be at the receiving end of the casting couch, elaborating on this he says,

I was called a lot of times and was offered to compromise to get the work. Although, I never accepted it and choose the hard path to work hard and achieve success. I feel girls are safer than guys these days in the modeling industry.

Aditya has also gone through financial scarcity and stages of mental stress. He was able to come out of this with the help of his friends. He never gave up, he did small cameo roles and managed them for himself.

I even had suicidal thoughts, where I thought I should give up now. Fortunately, I have good people on my side who motivated me and told me that I can do it. Hence, somehow I gathered all the strength and reminded myself of the days from where I started and why I started. Hence, I am at this stage living happily and successfully.

he started his career in Patna and then moved to Mumbai. He says ‘ The income source of Mumbai is way more than that of Patna’.

I feel more comfortable and better in Mumbai than in Patna. He describes his success that if I work in front of the camera that is my success to me. I feel very confident when I face the camera.

he has worked with Glamour Model Hunt, Mr. East India, Mr & Miss Diva, and many more. He expresses his wish to share the ramp with successful model Milind Soman.

Every work inspires and motivates me to give my best in the next ramp walk. Facing the difficulties in the shoot gives me lessons and it ultimately introduces me to my mistakes.

he considers himself his competitor.

Every artist is unique and has their own aura and skill which is different from others. So one should not compare himself or herself with others. In the next 5 to 10 years, I see myself as a very successful model with a lot of fame.

he advises aspiring models,

One should never leave, even the smallest opportunity you get. Do not consider anything small or big. Respect whatever you are doing and give your best in it.

At present, he is working on a song with Adhyayan Suman, Eros now, which might be released in August 2021. He believes “you can cross all hurdles if you trust your passion and work on it”.

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