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“You Don’t Need Validations From Others To Know Your Worth”, Diljot Kaur Chhabra

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Life is very unpredictable, one never knows what comes next. By just following the route we want, we make it to the destination, but it is the journey that makes the difference. The life story of actress Diljot Kaur Chhabra was quite unique like that. She never knew that she will ever end up in the acting industry. Her eagerness to learn and explore different fields in life finally showed her the pathway she made for.

Diljot belongs from Indore, Madhya Pradesh where she completed her schooling. After that, she went to pursue her graduation in Business and Marketing from Leicester, United Kingdom. Along with that, she was exploring theatres and acting as well. After completing her graduation, Diljot moved to London to pursue screen acting and film making courses. After completion from there, she came to Mumbai to pursue her dreams in her country. And it has been four years for her in the industry.

I remember I got an opportunity to perform in front of almost 800 people. It was a theater play. After doing that, I felt like ‘wow I like this also, this is a great feeling’. Then I indulged myself in acting. I am an experience-based person who counts on myself. I love to explore new things and add new skills to my skill-sets.

Her family has been supportive and encouraging at every stage of her life. She is obliged to her mother, father, sister, and brother-in-law. Her parents always used to motivate her to explore different fields. After her father passed away four years back, they have been most supportive than ever.

“From my father, I learned to be committed to my work and career. And from my mother, I learned to be consistent with my work. From my sister, I learned to manage different tasks at a time. And from my brother-in-law, I learned to be a patient and explore.”


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For the past four years, Diljot has worked with many brands and companies like Sensodyne, Park Avenue, Nirma with Akshay Kumar, Myntra, Vogue, and many more. She was the face of Royal Enfield and Tanishq.

Also, she did many TVCs and played roles in web series like Side Hero with Eros Now, Bobby ki Dulhaniya with Shemarro, and many more. Also, her upcoming projects are Ziddi Dil Maane Na on Sony Sab and Project 23 on Amazon Prime.


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Talking about social media’s impact on actors and actresses, Diljot said,

“It gives you huge recognition and fame. Also, it depends on the choices you make and what is your approach towards your work.”

Diljot, in her initial stage, made a pact with her that she will try every audition whether it fits her or not.

“It happens sometimes that even after you are not suitable for the role, the director changes the brief if your acting skills are up to their mark.”


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While talking about hate comments and trolling on social media, she always takes it positively. She never let those comments hinder her mental health as well as in her career. Sharing her views she said,

 “I usually do not care about what wrong people are saying. There are more people out there who are fans and well-wishers than haters. I focus on them. You don’t need validations from others to know your worth. Just keep working hard.”

She also indulged with Robinhood Army, who feed poor people on Saturdays and Sundays in Mumbai and now around all over India as well. Diljot Kaur also arranged a dance teacher for some children from the orphanage near Dharavi, Mumbai.

“There were almost like 10 girls who were so eager to learn dance. So I arranged dance classes for them. Those little joys and smiles mean a lot to me.”

She considers Sushmita Sen as her idol. She believes that women can be a mother by adopting and giving them a good life as well. Diljot also planned to take this step of pious deed in the future.

Apart from this, Diljot loves traveling. She has been to many countries and also solo trips in India as well. She travels to explore the culture, cuisines, and meet new people.

“I love traveling a lot. Specifically, taking my bike and going on a solo trip. I believe we learn many things about our own when we go on a solo trip. It is a different kind of feeling.”


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Since childhood, Diljot has always loved sports. She is practicing professional Mixed Martial Arts. She is a professional Yoga Teacher, does Skateboarding, Biking, Horse Riding, and is also a National Level Swimmer too.

Diljot loves to read and write as well. She wrote to herself to keep herself motivated all the time and also shared with us.

“Make Life Eventful

Recognize the Obstacles

Understand the pattern

Don’t lose it,

Clear that headspace

Never doubt your abilities,

Seek No validation

Know your worth,

Keep an optimistic approach

Find that Motivation within

Commit to consistency

Work freaking hard

And Voila! You just took another step forward already.”


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