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WMH India’s “The Diversity Project”

Imagine a world that embraces your true self, regardless of your race, background, gender, sexuality, or body type. A world that accepts you for who you are. Also, a society that does not have unrealistic standards for you to follow. Unfortunately, many industries, including the world of fashion and modeling, have only accepted individuals who meet specific standards for the longest time.

However, times are changing- and changing for the better. People worldwide are now embracing the ideas of variety and inclusion. And so, to embrace diversity in all walks of life, WMH India introduces The Diversity Project– a project that aims to bring together people from all walks of life, regardless of their shape, size, race, ethnicity, or any other attributes.

The True Meaning of Diversity in India

In its true sense, diversity means accepting an individual’s uniqueness. A person may belong to any race, have a specific sexual orientation, or have physical disabilities- but that should not stop them from expressing themselves. Every human should feel a sense of belonging.

In India, there are so many different communities that have their own language, culture, food, clothing, etc. India is a country that identifies itself by its diversity. However, the true spirit of diversity has somehow been lost amidst problems related to castes, religion, inequality, bias, and so on. And so, with the help of The Diversity Project, WMH India wants to bring back what India’s diversity truly stands for. We aim to embrace India’s diverse set of people fully and completely. This is not just in India but around the world as well.

Understanding The Diversity Project

WMH India is a platform that aims to provide up-and-coming models, influencers, and artists a voice of their own. This will enable them to establish themselves in the industry. Keeping this in mind, The Diversity Project’s main aim is to bring together people from all backgrounds and celebrate everyone’s differences. No longer does the world need unrealistic standards that an individual must meet. Shattering these strict norms in society and breaking free from this very bond is The Diversity Project’s main agenda.

The first step: Diversity Calendar 2022

The very first action that World Model Hunt is taking as a part of The Diversity Project is the Diversity Calendar 2022. To get a chance to feature on WMH India’s Diversity Calendar, you can submit a form including your pictures on WMH India’s website. This can prove to be an excellent opportunity for anyone who firmly believes in the ideas of diversity and inclusivity. So, get your name on the Calendar to show your support for the cause of WMH India.

The next steps to promote The Diversity Project

WMH India does not discriminate between individuals who want to promote themselves on the platform. Therefore, The Diversity Project will also include promoting models and artists without any kind of bias at all. This includes the magazine, the website, and on social media. Moreover, WMH India will post blogs on the topics of diversity to help inform people about the importance of being diverse in the industry. In addition to these, WMH India will be sharing tips on representation. That will include diversity on all its social media.

Anyone can be a part of the Diversity Project!

The Diversity Project does not only include people from the modeling or the entertainment industry. It is also for anyone who accepts the idea of diversity. It is for anyone who is willing to bring about a change in society. With the help of The Diversity Project, you can help spread the message. Also, find the right solutions to include a diverse set of people in all industries.

Finally, it is time to act.

Now, it is your turn to become a part of a one-of-a-kind project, WMH India’s Diversity Project. You can join the cause by filling up a form on WMH India’s official website. To watch the world become a diverse place, all it takes is a set of people who are willing to be the change the world needs. Finally, it is time for discrimination based on caste, religion, skin color, shape, or size to end completely. And, with The Diversity Project, you have already taken your first steps to achieve this goal.

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