Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Roshni “I feel good about myself after applying makeup”,

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Meet the young and extremely talented make-up artist who is a computer science graduate from KIIT university. Roshni started her journey by writing blogs but being in front of the camera is more of her thing. She got a lot of recognition in a very short time span. She believes in smart work more than hard work. Besides being a make-up artist, she is also a content creator who makes very relatable videos for her audience.

When she was asked that how supportive her parents were for the work she is doing, she said,

Until I  was not a graduate, my parents wanted me to do a job under some IT company but I was not at all interested in that field as I don’t consider myself as a computer nerd. But when the lockdown happened, I started doing a lot of content in front of my mom when she noticed the amount of effort I put into this. She said, it is okay if I want to go forward with this career only if I get a permanent job out of it

Inspired by Kritika Khurana who motivated her to get into this career was her biggest idol. Also, Lily Singh and BTS are the ones who inspired her, as she gains immense motivation from them. BTS music helps to calm her down if she is very nervous or stressed.

When asked about what is the most important quality according to you should be there in a makeup artist, she said,

“I am a lazy person, I do my shoots on the weekends and then I am off of my phone. I just schedule my post for everyday and then I just take rest. As I have a very sensitive skin I cannot afford to put make-up everyday, so I create various looks in a day”

She believes in working at her own pace but doing justice to whatever she does. She is very much into dancing besides make-up, it helps her to also create reels. And, in a very quirky and funny way, she mentioned that besides all these she also loves sleeping. When she feels low or sad, she just likes to sleep through it and after that, she feels better.

Talking about how she deals with the criticism she said that 

“I’m very bad at applying false eyelashes, so for that people come at me and start criticizing a lot, but I do not mind that. I have not faced serious criticism but there are always people who try to pull you down by saying mean stuff, so I just laugh it off and forget about it.

Roshni feels good about herself when she applies makeup which builds confidence and makes her feels powerful. She is very mature in handling criticism and has a positive outlook on life. She has previously worked for a lot of brands. Her favorite make-up product is mascara, she loves her eyelashes so she loves putting on mascara a lot. According to her the 3 make-up products that no woman should leave home without are compact, lipstick, and mascara.


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Her interest in make-up was there from her childhood itself. But she properly started makeup when she was in high school. Her friends Simran and Sejal always used to motivate her to pursue this as a career.

Being an Odia she makes relatable content for the Odia audience and also promotes her culture in whatever way she can. Roshni creates relatable Odia reels where she gets the highest number of reach compared to other content. She believes that Odia people have a lot of potential and the capability to reach greater heights. Currently, that is happening as well but still, there is a need for a good platform and representation. Roshni hates when people do not recognize her as Odia but belonging to some other state.

She has been associated with various kinds of social causes as well, relating to periods and other issues during her college time. In the future, she wants to work for the LGBTQIA+ community as she feels that they are not getting the right kind of representation and she personally loves them. So that is something she looks forward to in the future.

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