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Recent Fashion Trends – Styles That Are Roaring!

Fashion, in today’s world, is a social phenomenon. Fashion is the admired, favored, or latest attire, make-up, footwear, hair styling, ornaments, behavior, body postures, etc. All the fashion trends in the modern world commence from the influencers as well as an individual. Some of us follow the famous fashion trendsetters from social media platforms for our day-to-day looks. Some of us are happily creating our sense of styles in fashion and are not afraid to embrace it daily. 

Here are some fashion trends that took over many hearts recently.

Women Fashion Trends

Whether it is summer, winter, a casual day with family and friends or you are off duty, Sweatshirts are there for your rescue every time. Looking for a bold look to flaunt your curves? Scarf tops are so in these days. You can create a DIY(do it yourself) scarf top from a simple scarf and style yourself in distinct ways according to your mood. 

Tie and dye fashion is ruling the runways in Paris as well as the fashion industry these days. Give yourself a hippie chick look with this trendy style. Crop tops are back with a bang this season. The best thing about a crop top is that you can wear it in many ways. It helps you create your new look every time as well as there are many new variations introduced this season, so opting for a crop top is gonna be worth it. 

Loose and Comfortable Fashion

Wearing loose and comfortable clothes became the priority of many people since work from home days. And for that sweatpants got you covered. Thinking of going to the pub? Vinyl trousers would work wonders for that. If you are looking for an alternative to jeans then khaki trousers are the best. As skinny jeans are out of trend, Baggy jeans did a huge comeback this year and are making statements because of designers, Balenciaga and Victoria Beckham. 

Whether you are staying at home or having a holiday, printed trousers are there to provide you all-day comfort. Inspired from the ancient period, high-waisted bottoms have made their mark in the fashion industry during this year too.

If you are looking for dresses- mini dress with a wrapped effect, maxi dress, unstructured kaftans, brightly colored knits, smocked dress and many more are in for this season. 

This season, women tend to wear bohemian looks, retro and ancient inspired looks, and cool hipster looks, thus experimenting with different variations in fashion trends.

Moreover, you can give yourself a great look in any type of clothing that you feel comfortable in.

Men Fashion Trends

Floral prints are not going down for the past few years. Whether it is a vacation or some bold splashing, everyone from Burberry to Tom Ford is stuck on it. Popular in the 1980s and 1990s, Relaxed cuts have been in the trend for a long time now. High fashion and the great outdoors are named Gorp core by fashion lovers. And, it is here to stay. 

If you want to experiment with prints to look simple, taller, and slimmer, then opt for Vertical stripes. Checks and Polos are always in the trend in any form, so it is a must to keep them in your wardrobe. Crewnecks and V necks are all-rounders, either striped or checked, they can go with jeans, pants, shorts, etcetera. Colorful linen and cotton shirts are a necessity for your wardrobe as they can go with anything.

Talking about the bottoms, Chino shorts, Athletic and Denim shorts are in the trend as they can be clubbed with any t-shirt or shirt, according to the comfort. 

Jeans is a versatile form of clothing as it can be worn in any season with shirts, t-shirts, tees or anything you want. As skinny is out of trend, relaxed pants and jeans are making their way back inspired from the early 1980s and 1990s.

Breaking the Barriers

Remember, fashion is not something that makes you feel uncomfortable to walk out in public. It is something that gives you the confidence to embrace and flaunt your true self in front of this world.

Your shape, size, color, or the way you look does not matter. You are here to feel good, not to fit in with societal norms and barriers created by the people. So, either you follow the latest style trends or create your style, you should feel proud of it! Styling yourself in the way you want is not shameless, so boost up your confidence level and be yourself and stay prominent about it. So, Flaunt your real self, your style, and own it.

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