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Ravish Basist, had his own success story to tell from his decade long career

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There are many people who come into the modeling industry with a set of dreams to chase. As they become successful, people start admiring them. Also, they have their own success story to tell. Recently, we interviewed model Ravish Basist whose modeling career is inspiring to many. Ravish Basist is one such model who came into the fashion industry with a dream of becoming India’s Biggest model and carving his name in the world of fashion. He is one of the most successful models in the industry and when he walks on the ramp no one can take their eyes off. Let’s know something more about how he started his modeling career.

Ravish began his modeling career in the year 2010. Ravish Basist with a decade of experience told how he never thought of getting into modeling. He mentioned that his elder brother dragged him to hit the gym when he was in his college. He was pursuing B.Com Honors back then. As he had a tall and lean body everyone in his family suggested he should try modeling. Ravish said that once he attended a party where one of his uncle’s model friends asked him to approach a modeling agency for an audition.

“I never thought that I will be doing modeling and all”

Ravish told that he went for the first day of his audition after getting a call from the agency. Also, he mentioned that he did not even have a portfolio despite that he was selected. Also, asked him to give his fittings for the show. Later, in the next few days, he performed at an event show. This is how his modeling career kick-started.

Just after 2 years of his career, Ravish had to face the biggest challenge of his life. He got a severe skin allergy. The allergy had covered his whole body and face. There were fewer hopes for recovery. Ravish explained how he locked himself in the room for almost 9 months. Although, Ravish did not lose hope.  He was referred to a doctor who cured him in just 10-20 days. Also, during that phase, he neither ate well nor went to the gym. That made him skinny and weak.

“At that time my family removed all the mirrors from the house, even from my room. That time was so hard for me. I got that allergy maybe through using makeup. Some doctors told, maybe it is because of hormonal issues or due to makeup”

But, Ravish bounced back with confidence after a few months. He worked hard, went for auditions, and approached the agencies. Ravish did many campaigns and shows. He has worked in more than 18 countries in the world and has gained a lot of experience from there. While comparing India’s modeling industry with the international industry he told that the Indian industry lacks professionalism and work quality is better outside India.

Talking about dealing with failures Ravish says he has faced many rejections and failures in life. But, those rejections have taught him certain lessons and he has improved himself.

Since the beginning I was like getting good work, and like kuch jagah mera rejection hua ( at certain places I got rejected). But I learned from them that mere mein kya kami hai, jiske wajah se I am getting rejected. (I am learnt from them, and the reasons of why I am getting rejected). Accordingly, I am improving.)

Ravish expressed that how he was so sure about doing modeling that Plan B was not an option for him.  Ravish proudly said, how he is consistent about his work ethic.

“Since I started modeling I was damn sure that I am going to do this,and like ek rehta hai na all the excitement for your work and because of the work you are maintaing yourself. I am maintaining myself from past 13 years. Same physique and same body weight”

Ravish mentioned that in these 10 years many models came into the industry and left. But, he is still persistent in the industry which makes him proud of himself and his work. This 30-year-old also made the list of “India’s Top Models 2019” by Hindustan Times Brunch. He was also on the cover page of Men’s Health magazine in the year 2013.

Ravish Basist has done a significant amount of work in the span of 10 years. He has aced the ramp for famous designers like Sunit Varma, Shantanu & Nikhil, Rohit Bal, Varun Bahl, Abu Jani & Sandeep Khosla, Dhruv Vaish, Rohit Kamra, Pavan Sachdeva, and Sahil Aneja. He has also worked with big fashion brands like Splash, Benetton, Tom Tailor India, Mark’s & Spencer, Van Heusen, The Wool Mark, Nike, and Puma. Ravish Basist has been a part of many successful campaigns like Sony, Campus Shoes, Fab India, Pullman Hotel, The V Renaissance, Hyundai Automotive, Honda motorbikes, Monte Carlo, and many more.

Ravish Basist feels that all aspiring models should first focus on grooming themselves and try to improve their communication skills. And, he also told that participating in beauty pageants can be a good start for aspiring models as they provide the best experience. He also advised upcoming models to “work hard without any cheat”.

“If you get selected they are going to to teach you and if you do not, you will get the feedback ki apke mei kya kami hai (what are your shortcomings), so they will help you in the right way.”

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