Sunday, October 1, 2023

Aayushi Rajput made her mark in modeling by breaking all norms.

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So today, I had the pleasure of interviewing model Aayushi Rajput and getting to know about her journey. On asked about how she coped with the pandemic, Aayushi Rajput said that she spent her pandemic productively. She took care of her skin and exercised. Also, she spent the rest of her time at Clubhouse.

Following is the complete interview of Aayushi Rajput with me :

Hailing from a place like Bihar, how challenging was it for you to pursue modeling?
It was and is still very difficult and this is the reason I never even thought of modeling but in the year 2018 Varun Sood and Divya Agarwal visited my college and asked ‘your height is very good, are you a model’? From there I started going through the pageants pages on Instagram and I applied for that and entered modeling. Then I started contacting different agencies.

She also mentioned that her mother and younger sister always supported her, despite her father being against the notion. Aayushi Rajput also faced a lot of fraud in her initial days where Aayushi Rajput lost 15 k to a guy who promised to help her get the best pageants.

If not modeling, what would be your alternate field?
I always wanted to do mass communication and be a journalist. But my destiny and also my height as an advantage took me to model.

Who has been your backbone throughout your career to whom you are grateful?
My mother is my backbone till death. Aayushi Rajput managed money on her own from her savings as my father did not support me financially. And my sister has also been a great support to me throughout my journey. Everybody in my family is IAS or IPS, so everybody expects the same from me. Breaking all the norms I pursued modeling and will continue for that.

How has your journey been as a model in the industry?
It was very difficult in my initial days, I didn’t get work for almost 1 and a half years but I started grooming myself, and then I started getting work.
I wanted to hit India’s best modeling agency Purple thoughts, and I made up there and I was very delighted about that. Recently I signed with Ritu Kumar, and I will start the shoot after a few days. I worked a lot to get here where I am today.

Since you mentioned that you have ramp walked in several fashion weeks like Universal Bridal Fashion Week, and Lucknow Fashion Week and you also fulfilled your dream of working with Purple thoughts, so how did it affect your life?
It affected me a lot, I realized that there is a lot of difference between both worlds, people have a perception that modeling the world is dirty but it’s not like that, there we get more open-minded people who have to do nothing with their personal life. They just expect you to work nicely. Now I have left Purple thoughts and joined Auratalents as there were a lot of norms of Purple thoughts which wasn’t acceptable to me. Auratalents is a great platform, it is providing me with good shows as well.


Is there anything like overnight success?
Yes, I do believe in overnight success, it happens and it happened with me as well. I always wanted to do a commercial show. There was a time when I was not getting any work for months and suddenly one day I got a call for a show and it was unbelievable for me. That show will be on air at MX player very soon. And then the very next day, I got a web series.

What accomplishments do you see yourself in the next 5-10 years?
My main goal is to go for Miss Diva and Miss Femina India.

If you would like to put it into steps, what would be the ideal route for an upcoming model?
I only want to suggest all the future models that learn to take a stand for themselves and be rigid for their goals and keep on doing whatever they are doing. Ignore all the negative people and comments and do not let them stop you. If you believe in yourself no one can stop you.

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