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Prajyoti Is a Self Taught Artist Who Made Her Way Into The Industry All on Her Own

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Miss Prajyoti Mishra is a content creator, actor, make-up artist as well as a journalist. She is a blend of all artistic qualities. Starting from content creation to acting in music videos she has left no page unturned. She believes that she has the capability to have a very successful career in this industry. Prajyoti wants to do content creation all her life because that is something that brings happiness to her. Formerly she worked as a journalist in BBSR Reporters but later she left the job and started doing full-time content creation and acting.

She is a self-taught artist. She has learned everything on her own, nobody was ever there to guide her. From her childhood itself, she had a keen interest in make-up and acting. Prajyoti Mishra used to watch a lot of videos on youtube and learn from them. Her parents are extremely supportive of the career path she has chosen for herself.

Outwardly, my parents never say anything, but I know that they are proud of me. They never have stopped me from doing anything, Rather they used to motivate and push me into doing this. I feel very privileged to get such supportive parents who not only understand my career path but also motivate me to achieve every dream. Now, when people know me by my work and I am earning out of it, they proudly tell everyone that this is my work. I feel very blessed to have them.

Prajyoti’s father has been the biggest support system for her. He always inspires Prajyoti with his kind and motivating words. There was a time when people made fun of Prajyoti, made memes, and all that really made her sad. But her dad told her that these comments and trolls will keep coming her way in this industry but she needs to keep going ignoring all of them. Her dad further added that If she starts paying attention to all these comments then she can never grow.


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She has worked with a lot of brands like Purple, Godrej, etc. She has also got many opportunities to work with various jewelry brands like Tanishq, Malabar, and Khimji. Prajyoti also worked with Dr. Seth. Currently, she is also going to work with Mamaearth. In acting, she has been a part of 4 Odia music videos and one of her movies will release very soon.

My favorite work among all the stuff I do has to be content creation. I totally love doing it. And, normally I am not a person who likes going out. Through content creation, I just need to sit at home and work, which is very suitable for me. I enjoy creating content for my audience. Besides this, I am also a content writer, as I am a journalist I do freelance content writing as well.

Her hobbies are dancing, singing and painting. These are something she likes doing in her free time. No matter if she is good at it or not, those hobbies just bring a lot of happiness and peace to her. Being a creative person she loves learning and manifesting every creative work. She always keeps herself engaged in something or the other.

It was difficult for her to face criticism. It used to completely demotivate her, adding to which Prajyoti said that

Initially, it was difficult for me to face criticism as I get affected very easily. I get really sad when I do not get appreciated for my work. But, then my dad said that I always need to do what brings me happiness. People are there to talk, but I need to figure out what I want to do in life and work hard to achieve it. No matter how many hurdles come my way. Till the time I am not hurting anyone, I will keep doing what I love to do, ignoring all the trolls that hinder my path. If there is constructive criticism then I take it and try to improve. I believe that constructive criticism is important for growth.

Prajyoti has faced body shaming in the acting line. People used to hire her for her looks but then rejected her just because she was 67kgs. Although she was very comfortable with her weight still she faced rejection because of that. It really was sad and stressful for her as she believed that her weight should not define her capabilities but still, it did. So she went through a weight loss process and now those people who rejected her for her weight are coming and offering her work.


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I do not run behind views and likes. I keep doing my work and the rest I believe will fall on its own if I do good work. Views and all depend on the algorithm of Instagram which I cannot change. That is why I keep doing my work and always learn something new every day. But if at all sometimes I feel bad then I just sleep through it. After I wake up, I feel relaxed and then again start working.

She believes that women are still not getting the required amount of respect and freedom that they deserve. So in the future, she wants to work for women’s empowerment where she can spread awareness and educate people that how important it is to give equal freedom to women as men.

Content creation and acting have given her the required amount of limelight that she always wanted. She feels a lot of satisfaction for all the work she does. It also has helped her to improve her creativity as every day she learns something and pushes herself hard to create content. Due to her work, she believes she can improve every day. She believes in the quote, “Waqt se pehele aur kismat se jyada kisiko kuch nehi milta”(more than luck, and ahead of the time nobody can achieve anything).

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