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Modeling did not happen, but I chose to make it happen for me”, Rashmi Singh

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Rashmi started her modeling career by participating in Miss Lucknow that her friend suggested. Though she was very skeptical about participating in it, she gave it a try and ended up winning it. This boosted her confidence and made her paths clear to take up modeling in the future.

“I went for the audition, and thought of giving it a try, even if I get rejected there is no harm. So, I gave the audition, got selected, and on the third day it was the event, I did some grooming and then I won it. So, it was kind of fun for me, no expectation nothing.”

Rashmi Singh is a 26-year-old model from Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. she was very passionate about modeling since the age of 13. She is a B.Tech graduate and in the year 2017, she participated in a local pageant and ended yo winning it. From 2017, Rashmi’s journey of following dreams began. She faced certain obstacles in the initial phase but she dealt with them and came out of them stronger than before.

Rashmi told that her career has been a roller coaster and had to face many challenges. But, she feels that one should take one step at a time. Talking about the challenges Rashmi mentioned the time she had an injury,

“In my intial days only I had an injury, slip disk. Still I went for auditions, wore heels through the day. Which was challenging for my Femina Stylista days that we have to practise the whole thing. Then in 2019, I gave a pause because it was affecting my health. Challenges are still on, I am trying to overcome them.”


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Rashmi feels that participating in pageants has acted as an advantage for her. However, before this, she applied for agencies but did not get any response. After the pageant, modeling agencies approached her. Rashmi is the winner of Femina Stylista North 2019. Sharing her experience of the pageant, she said,

“It was wonderful and fun. Monica ma’am was our mentor, and when I was taking the grooming sessions, she was my mentor. She is a very realistic person. Nayanica ma’am told me that, you have to do take other opportunities that come your way also, and have to be very realistic about everything. She has been a great guide to me.”


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When his young and elegant woman, walks on the ramps it feels like she owns it. Rashmi’s confidence is visible on her face. Rashmi has walked for Asian Designer Week in 2018. She has shot for well-known designers like Tarun Tahiliani, Anju Modi, and many more. Rashmi told it feels something unusual when she walks the ramp.

“I feel like, I own the ramp, people are watching you and you are on the ramp so confident. You own the world. I feel that I get the opportunity to show the best of what I can do and people are only watching you. So, its one of the best feeling I have.”


Being a down-to-earth person, Rashmi feels that she is in her initial phase of learning. Also, she is learning each day and evolving into a better person both professionally and unprofessionally. Rashmi aspires to take up acting in the near future. Therefore, she has been doing many advertisement shoots. Rashmi also did a music video for a friend of hers with SS Production house.

“I get to learn a lot. I like to imbibe the learning and try to focus more, I would not say prefection but the learning should not be wasted. And, want to get into acting, so I am into learning process. I want to carry forward my acting career. Till now I have not auditioned for web series and all, because I want to go fully prepared.”

When asked about an opportunity to endorse unrealistic beauty standards for a well-known brand, Rashmi replied that she would not do it. Also, explained that we are in an era where people are appreciating realistic beauty more. Even though a brand gives a good monetary value, she will not do anything which is not comfortable to her.

In the end, she says that she ignores trolls when they comment on her lifestyle. Also, she finds it worthless to respond to them and tries to stay positive.

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