Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Alok Singh ‘One Should Not Let Their Dreams Be Dreams Alone’.

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“A little step may be the beginning of a great journey.” Alok Singh is a ramp model who hails from the beautiful state of Bihar. Facing and crossing all obstacles Alok made his way into modeling. Alok started modeling in the year 2019. He started grooming himself at the early age of 14 as he was fascinated by modeling since 6th grade. He kept on questioning people around him, digging deeper into modeling.

I have wondered about modeling since standard 6th. I used to question people around me to know more about this. Then from standard 8th, I started grooming myself and practiced different poses.

Family plays a vital role in one’s life. Alok feels very fortunate about having their support in his career. Although during his initial days they were not supportive of his decision, eventually, they were pleased and convinced of his achievements.

During my starting days, I did not even inform my parents about it. Then there came a time when I was supposed to leave my place and go to Patna for my rehearsals. And, there was a time when I faced a lot of problems with my family. Ultimately, after doing some good shows they were convinced and started supporting me.

Sharing his first ramp experience, Alok faced major anxiety issues after the performance but after a while, he gained confidence and now fiercely walks on the ramp.

I walked the ramp, came back backstage and my legs were shivering. My body was all cold and I did not know what to do. I calmed myself and after a while I was fine. Then slowly I worked harder, practiced in front of the mirror, tried different poses, and now I am very confident.

Modeling has been a great influence on Alok’s life. It helped him improve himself at personal and professional levels as well.

I started modeling, I was aware that I have to look good and communicate good. Hence, I worked on myself. I feel I am a better person today because of modeling.

Alok has faced a lot of negativity in his career. His neighbors used to bully him behind his back.

I have heard people mocking me, behind my back and then pretend good in front of me. I felt bad but I never let those things affect me negatively. Instead, I took them as my motivation and worked harder to prove myself.

Alok also expresses his gratitude towards his friend Rajlaxmi, who was his backbone throughout his journey.

I have a friend named Rajlaxmi, she was beside me as my family. She supported me at my worst and encouraged me at my best. I cannot imagine my journey without her.

Alok considers himself very fortunate about his work profile.

During my first audition, I was the only guy from my whole team who successfully grabbed the oppurtunity to go ahead. And, my well-experienced competitors faced rejection.
That incident motivated me a lot and I felt, yes, I can do this.

Alok started his journey from Mr. Magadh in 2019, where he was a finalist. Again, he was runner-up in Mr. Patna 2019. Moreover, Alok has walked for the inner wheel, FM Fashion Week, and Mr and Miss Supermodel of India. He was a show stopper at Mr and Miss Agra and Mr and Miss Delhi. He also walked the ramp for Montrose Runway Fashion Week. Alok expresses his desire to share the ramp with model Raj Dobriyal.

Alok wants to be one of the best models and to bring some changes in the modeling industry.

There is a fact about the modeling industry which is very disheartening. Instead of exploring the real talent, a lot of times the undeserving models get the opportunity. I wish I could get a chance to bring this change in my industry to make it more pious.

Alok ends with saying,

‘One should not let their dreams be dreams.’

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