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Megha Vithalani, “You are flawless in yourself” on Body Positivity

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Megha Vithalani’s story is a perfect example of women’s empowerment. Megha Vithalani is a 32 years-old model, dancer, actor, and event planner in Rajkot, Gujarat. Also, she is a proud and hard-working mother, wife, and daughter. She is passionately working towards her dreams. Her confidence is something that could inspire a lot of young people who are somewhere insecure about themselves. Megha Vithalani is an inspiration to all the women out there. So, let us know what Megha Vithalani told about her journey so far.

Talking about her initial stage, Megha Vithalani told that she had a very photogenic face. She always thought of modeling. She loves dancing so in the starting she used to participate in various dance competitions. One of Megha’s friends advised her to do a designer shoot at a boutique during her college days. This shoot gave her the confidence to pursue modeling in the future. So, she decided to leave for Mumbai with her husband. Being new to the city, it was difficult for her to find work.

Wahan par jaa kar maine kaam ko dhudna shuru kia, ki kya krte hain, kaise krte hai. Pehle toh kuch pata nhi tha industry kaisi hai, kya hai. (When I went there, I started searching for work, I did not know anything about the industry and how it works.)

Megha Vithalani told how she struggled because of the way she looked. And, a decade back there was hardly any concept of a Plus-Size Model. Due to this, she faced rejection many times initially. Talking of one such experience, Megha said, that once she was called for a shoot for a clothing brand. And, the clothes did not fit her. So, those people got the alterations done. And, told Megha that they would call her the next day but they did not.

Megha Vithalani also talked about the casting couch and told that she has experienced it a lot of times in her journey. But if someone wants to get in through talent then you can. Also, being a woman anyone can sense what is cooking.

“Aisa feel hojata hai that you are going to stuck in something. So, please be aware from this thing or this person.

While discussing facing rejection in life, Megha Vithalani mentioned that due to her body time and skin tone, she has faced rejection at every stage.

“They use to tell me that apka skin accha nahi hai, body accha nhi hai. Because uss time par itna awareness nhi tha. Rejection itna mila ki ek time pr I thought ki chalo chodh dete hai.

(They used to tell me, your skin is not upto the marks or body is not perfect. Because, there was not much awareness about this then. I got rejected so many times that I even thought of giving up once.

Megha’s family support at every point in life has kept her motivated toward her goals, despite facing rejection several times. She removed all the negative thoughts from her mind and accepted herself the way she is.

“Sari negativity ko bahar karke, socha jo hun mei yahi hun, agr unka kaam dena hai, toh yahi state mei dejiye.(After keeping aside all the negativity I thought to myself this is who I am, and if they have to give me work, then give me the way I am.) Whether I am dusky or whether I am plus size accept me the way I am”

If someone wants to get into modeling, Megha Vithalani advised them to start working on themselves from the beginning and groom themselves accordingly. She asked aspiring models to follow each and every instruction given by them as they are for your betterment only.

“Mere liye sab kuch naya tha (everything was new for me), but if you have a agency then they will guide you”

Also, her message to all the young generation is to not give up on my life. They should also not get affected by what people say about them. Also, do not take things spoken by people on social media personally as they are not going to come to speak to your face. Megha Vithalani said that social media has affected the lives of all age groups.

“Sabke comments apne dimag se nikal do, and do what you love. (Do not let negative comments affect your mind).”

Megha’s take on the body positivity issue is that one should accept the way one looks. A person should affirm standing in front of the mirror “You are perfect in yourself”. If a person will accept themselves first, then only the whole world will accept them. One should create a positive environment around themselves and not let anyone destroy it.

“Meri jo yeh soch hai voh sirf us ek rejection ki vajah se hai. (The mindset I have today is just because of that one rejection.) Agar voh rejection na hua hota toh mujhe khud mei yeh confidence kbhi nhi aya hota.(If that time I would not have faced rejections, I will not this much of confidence, I have today.)

One should do what one loves to avoid negative thoughts conquering them. Do things that make you happy. Do not let people decide your mood.

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