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Deepak Somalkar “Live Your Dreams”

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Some beautiful paths cannot be discovered without getting lost, so says the journey of model Deepak Somalkar. To begin with, the journey Deepak Somalkar, hails from the alluring glamour city ‘Of Mumbai’. He is originally from Nagpur. Deepak has a Bachelor’s degree in Hospitality. Deepak Somalkarexpresses his emotions for Mumbai in a very beautiful way.

Mumbai is a galaxy of stars. It is open to everybody. It will provide you everything you want if you work for them. One can not die out of hunger in Mumbai.

Born and brought up in Andheri East, Mumbai, the city has had a huge influence on his life. Somewhere he believes it is because of Mumbai that he is a part of the glamour world today. Being a Mumbaikar, since his childhood, Deepak saw the journey of models and actors which encouraged him to come into this world.

As a Mumbaikar, I was raised here, and being a star walking on the stage, having the center light on me, this was what I always dreamt of. I saw actors like Sharukh khan, Salman Khan, the shooting happened next to my home and it encouraged me to stand at a good place in my life.

After completing his Bachelor’s degree, Deepak Somalkarstarted his career in a hotel as a waiter. He served there for 2 years but there was an instinct that kept on reminding him to pursue his dream. Afterward, he joined the fitness industry, and then from there, he achieved his way to modeling.

I was continuously procrastinating there for 2 years. I was working just to earn but I was not able to live my dream. Then in the year 2013, I worked in an ad promoting a product as a model. After that, I continuously kept on working.

Deepak’s parents did not support his modeling career during his initial years but he never took it as a negative point. Instead, he challenged himself to work harder and achieve their support.

My parents were concerned for me that how will I earn in this industry. They did not support me in my initial years but then I motivated myself. I worked harder to get their support and blessings and succeeded in that as well.

Although, Deepak Somalkar has faced a lot of hurdles in his journey. To pursue and fit in proper modeling, he left his job from where he was getting a good income. His parents were very upset about his decision. But his hard work and dedication paid off and made him a successful model. Moreover, revealing the financial stability of modeling, Deepak Somalkar also earns from his hobby which is photography, as he says that modeling is not enough to maintain the income.

Modeling is not enough to provide you financial stability. One should always keep aside a plan to earn if you are choosing such a field. I earned money from photography except modeling.

Deepak Somalkar started his journey from Glam Icon Model Hunt in 2014 for Phoenix Market City. He gained more strength and confidence as now he was in the top 10 models in Glam Icon Model Hunt in 2014. Then he walked the ramp for Gujarat Fashion Week, Hyderabad Fashion Week, and Bangalore Fashion Week. His stars shined when he shared the ramp with Fashion stylist Nita Lulla in 2019. Moreover, Deepak worked with renowned brands like Killer, Siyaram, Sahara Q, Pepsi, and, Zomato. Meanwhile, Deepak Somalkar also expressed his desire to share the ramp with one of the famous models Milind Soman. Moreover, Deepak Somalkar is also a part of the short film Shikast which is on Hotstar.

It was my first job in modeling, so I was quite nervous. Purposely, I delayed my make-over so that I can observe the next guy working. Then I copied him and after that gradually I learned and then kept on working. Participating in different Fashion weeks taught me a lot. I saw how different people have different opinions on the same topic.

Adding on,

My dream is to walk with Milind Soman one day.

Deepak Somalkar shares his secret about how he maintains his physical fitness.

I run 10 to 15 km every day. Then I practice MMA(Mixed Martial Arts) for 40 minutes. I prefer cycling every weekend from 20-25kms. The most important thing that I follow is a healthy diet.

Deepak Somalkar also throws some advice to youngsters who want to pursue a career in modeling.

Always complete your studies first and then come to this field. So that you can be financially stable even if you do not get work here. The surest way to make your dreams come true is to live them.

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