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Laksh Chaudhary the youngest Mr. India is all set to make his big debut on silver screen

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When you do what you love, you inspire others around you. Laksh Chaudhary is one such individual who is doing what he truly loves and is passionate about. Laksh won the title of youngest Mr. India at the age of 19. He inspires other teenagers to follow their hearts. Laksh represented India at MR. Grand International pageant. Now, he is all set to make his Bollywood debut with Karan Razdan’s directorial Hindutva. Laksh started his modeling career at a very young age, let us see what more he told about his passion.

Talking about his love for fashion and modeling, Laksh says,

“From childhood I had only one dream and one aim, I knew that I have to do this. For the first time I saw Mr. India pageant I was like this is the life changing opportunity. I was shocked and surprised to see someone so perfect. Like, a Mr India has a perfect personality, perefection in how to talk and walk. From then I always wanted to be a model and started performing in school. I was very shy kid. However, I started performing in Drama, which opened me a little bit. So when I was in class 11th, I participated in a local pageant Mr North India. There I did not even stand at top 50. At that point I did not feel bad, but from then I did not stop. I started working for being Mr India, the youngest one.

I thought that Mr. India toh har saal bante hai (there is a Mr. India every year) but being a youngest Mr India would be a legendary thing. So, in 2018 I participated in Mr. India, and I was ranked second. From then I started pursuing modeling.

Laksh told that his family believed in him just because he was very passionate about modeling and acting. His family supported him through thick and thin during his entire journey.

“So my family has stood beside me even in my low phases of life. From 2019 to 2020, was the worst year of my career I did not get any work, so even at that time they were very supportive. They never doubted my potential. And, I really admire such parents who support their child’s passion.”

Laksh believes that when a person works on his passion it does not feel like tedious work. Laksh participated in the pageant, when he was in his college, so on managing the studies he says,

“Being very honest my priority was always getting into the industry. So there was a time when my second-year exams were there and I had to go to Philipines as well. So I took permission from my college and they were also very supportive. They adjusted the exams. I took out 1 hour from my time and looked at whatever happened in the class. To be honest, I took modeling and the pageants as a priority and the studies were always second. Because modeling was the only thing I was working on since my childhood, so my priorities were different.”

Apart from modeling and acting, Laksh’s interest lies in playing the guitar. He is a guitarist and has been playing since he was a child. He writes songs and poems as well. Laksh is more inclined towards creativity.

Laksh came to Mumbai in the year 2019 to try his luck in the entertainment industry. He recently shot for the movie Hindutva where he will be playing the role of the villain, Laksh told. Also, he has many upcoming projects lined up this year.


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When asked about how he found his first acting project, Laksh feels that it is his luck that worked. So, he went to the office where the auditions were happening. The auditions were for the role of a boy from Kashmir and the people at the casting found his profile similar.

“They said I look like a Kashmiri. So I gave audition and they took around 25 shots just to get that thing out of me. It was something out of the blue and I was not expecting it at all. I was just there for the audition and to let them know that I am also an actor in this city trying his luck. But, fortunately things worked out for me.”

Coming to the city of dreams, Mumbai, we asked him about how Mumbai treated him in his initial days. Laksh quoted that Mumbai is like an ocean that throws out all the garbage, so does the city. If you are not talented enough you can not survive in the city, and you need to be strong.

“I have always been a very pampered child as I am a single child. When I came here it was a different world for me, altogether. I had to do everything. Cooking, washing, travelling, totally different things from what I did in Delhi till then. That was kind of difficult. But the experiences I had in Mumbai, I do not think I could ever have anywhere else.

Now, it is my city, I consider Mumbai as my city more than Delhi. So, I am in love with Mumbai. Once Mumbai starts loving you then it is the best things in the world. “

Laksh expressed his desire to work with directors Imitiaz Ali and Sanjay Leela Bansali.

“This is my dream for the past 15-16 years. I want to do a role of a musician like a Rockstar and Kabir Singh, a lover boy sort of a thing.”

Sharing how he landed upon an opportunity of working with Sonu Sood in a south movie, Laksh said that his dad is a friend with Sood and he mentioned Laksh’s work.

“Sonu Bhai was very kind, he guided me in a very fine way. He was very supportive throughout. He has always been that person. Whenever I am confused, he always advices me. He has kind of been a mentor to me in this city. Ofcourse if you have a strong person behind your back, you have that push to keep going in the city. So, he has played that role in my life. “

While discussing connections, Laksh talked about nepotism in the industry and said that if a person looks for a shortcut, then maybe, he is not confident enough. So, he believes that no connections work if you are not talented.

“I feel connections only work when you are in the tenth row and you want to move to first row. They work till there alone. But, it can not get you a role in a movie. And, even if you get then it is upon you how you take it further. You need to have talent to continue that thing. I think be it modeling or acting, you need to have the talent.

I have been friends with starkids but even they face rejections. The director and producer are spending money on a movie so they cannot risk it on someone who is not talented. So, I feel your talent comes first and the connections come second.

The thing is, in India, if you say the movie has Shah Rukh Khan’s daughther, maybe people will go and watch rather than going to a movie of someone not known enough. People really do not entertain outsiders until and unless they have done something big. So director are indirecty taking or using the name of stars to run a movie.”


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Laksh is also an animal lover. Every month he tries to take out 2 days and visits NGOs for animals. He keeps feeding stray animals in regular ways. Talking about taking this initiative in the future, Laksh feels that only when you are in power, people will take you seriously.  Talking about his pet, he says,

“I had a pet dog called Sky, and that was a pet I loved more than myself. The day he died, I dreamt of opening an NGO for animals and name it “Sky”.

Sharing his future plans, Laksh mentioned that he wants to win a Filmfare. Also, wants his name in the top 10 actors of Bollywood.

“10 years down the line, I wish to have my statue in Madame Tussauds wax museum. These are some big plans I have.”

While interviewing Laksh we felt inspired by his dedication towards his passion for acting, we wish him luck in achieving all his dreams he has. We hope that his dedication will also inspire you to follow your heart.

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