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Some Brands Which Are Indian

Anyone would be stunned to know that all those times they were shopping from Da Milano or Peter England thinking of them as foreign brands was nothing but a myth. They may sound international but they are Indian brands. However, the reason behind keeping foreign names in Indian brands is a marketing strategy. In India, people are more attracted to imported products. Meanwhile, big brand names fascinate us all the time. Likewise, we love to bring all those foreign products home with the foreign tag. Due to this reason, some Indian brands have been successful to earn a huge amount of profit using foreign names. All these companies have been using fancy foreign names to grab our attention. Brands with foreign names are always fascinating. Meanwhile, these foreign brands always attract us, don’t they? 

Here’s a list of the Top 10 Indian brands that sound foreign

  • Lakme

The most popular makeup brand Lakme is Indian. Meanwhile, Lakme is the only Indian-origin brand to rank among the top cosmetic brands in the world. Interestingly the name Lakme is derived from a French opera called “Lakme” which means Lakshmi- the goddess of wealth according to Hindu mythology. According to the Brand Trust Report 2014, Lakme ranked 36th among India’s most trusted brands.

  • Allen Solly

One of the fastest-growing and most popular brands Allen Solly belongs to India. Although, Allen Solly was founded by William Hollin and Co. Later Madura Garments bought it. Meanwhile, Aditya Birla Group Acquired Allen Solly in 2001. It is a premium apparel brand popular all over the country. Allen Solly is one of the top brands in India having all the latest collections of t-shirts, jeans, tees, tops, dresses, and so on.

  • Da Milano

We guess you are pretty much shocked to see da Milano here. The classy and fancy Da Milano is an Indian brand. Meanwhile, Da Milano is one of the most popular and sophisticated brands that carry a wide range of luxury fashion. Da Milano includes designer handbags, wallets, computer bags, belts, and much more. Most people mistake Da Milano for Italian because of the name itself. 

  • Peter England

Who Would have imagined that a brand named Peter England would turn out as a total Indian brand? Meanwhile, the Aditya Birla Group is the founder of Peter England. It is one of the leading menswear brands in India. Because of the English touch that Peter England has, customers often mistake it for a foreign brand. 

People have often mistaken another famous clothing brand Monte Carlo for a foreign brand because of the name. However, the Nahar group owns Monte Carlo. The Nahar Group is based in Ludhiana. 

  • Park Avenue

It is not a lie to mention that park avenue is one of your most favorite brands. Well, the Raymond group owns Park Avenue. Meanwhile, Raymond Group is an Indian fabric and fashion retailer.

  • American Swan

 Maybe most of the time we shopped from American Swan considering it as a USA-based company. But in reality, the American swan is Indian. It is one of the top online fashion brands. Meanwhile, the founders of American Swan are Sanjiv Gupta, Puneet Johar, and Anurag Rajpal.

  • Louis Philippe

This popular men’s apparel brand’s name is inspired by French king Louis Philipe. Even though the name was inspired by the French king, the brand is Indian. India launched this brand in 1989. However, Madura Fashion and lifestyle owns this popular brand. 

  • Franco Leone

The premium footwear brand Franco Leone has an Italian name is Indian. Earlier, Italians owned it. Later, this brand was bought by an Indian. Now Franco Leone is based out of Delhi.

  • Amrut whisky

one of the most popular whiskey brands worldwide, the Amrut single malt whisky brand belongs to India. Meanwhile, Amrut Distilleries LTD in Bangalore manufactures it. In addition, Amrut whisky is the second-best whisky in the world.

As we Indians love to prefer foreign brands over other local brands, companies seem to use that as a marketing strategy. Meanwhile, there are many Indian brands with foreign names that have become popular over the years. Moreover, foreign names create excitement in the customer’s mind. So even though sometimes people do not even understand the meaning of the name they tend to buy it. Furthermore, in India, the public believes that the West always has the best kind of trends. So the company also goes for foreign names to survive the business. Moreover, quality describes a product. For example, linen helps to judge an article of clothing. So if it fits all the requirements, it will be good regardless of an Indian brand or a foreign brand.


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