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Juhi Kaur Virdi “I never plan for future. Basic rule of life is to go with the flow”

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Juhi Kaur Virdi is one such model who aspires to reach heights in her career. Being a down-to-earth person, she respects everyone irrespective of their profession. Juhi works hard each day to learn something new. Her overall personality motivates her to stay determined and grow in the industry. Juhi Kaur Virdi started her modeling career in the year 2017, since then she is not leaving any stone unturned. Let us know what she has to tell about her modeling career so far.

Asking about what made her turn to modeling, Juhi Kaur Virdi replied that modeling is one such career that is very lucrative and it opens a door of new opportunities for passionate and talented individuals.

“You feel good about yourself because you know you look good and you do what makes you feel happy. Blessed with good height personality motivates me to grow in the industry. Your personality, your hard work and your professionalism makes you successful. 

My journey so far has been a good thing that happened in my life, I enjoy every moment of my profession”

Belonging to a middle-class family she had to do a 9-5 job to support her family. Juhi started her career as a fresher. She feels very grateful to her friends and family who have supported her at every stage of her life. Earlier it was difficult for her to manage time and but she followed what she loved doing. Talking about this she said,

 “First it was difficult to manage job and modeling but later I realized if u want to achieve your dreams you need to be focused and do what you love. So I took the chance to get into modeling and now I am here, rocking the stage”

Being a girl, choosing a modeling career at times becomes challenging as people judge you and often parents do not support their daughters. But in this case, Juhi Kaur Virdi feels lucky to have the support of both her parents.

“Yes being Punjabi its difficult for girl to step in such platform. But here, I was lucky enough to be blessed with supportive parents. At my initial stage, my mom use to come with me for auditions and use to attend shows. I am blessed to have such mom dad, they never stopped me from achieving my dreams”

The biggest influence in Juhi’s life is her family. Further, she expressed,

 “Every one in this world influence me , poor person, workers, employees, shopkeeper, deliveryperson, rich person, billionaire as at every stage they have there own story and struggle. Watching them influences me to be motivated and passionate in life.”


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Juhi started her journey by participating in her city’s beauty pageant. Her main motive was to groom herself and get an experience of how things work. She feels every aspiring model should participate in a pageant that gives basic knowledge about the modeling industry. Juhi mentioned how she got her first show

“I didn’t win but out of 20 contestants I was selected for brand shoot by one of the famous designer who came to judge the show. They specially came backstage and offered me my first project. That was a proud moment for me and I will never forget.”

A piece of advice Juhi gave to all the aspiring models was to love and be proud of your work. A model should respect her work as not everyone gets a chance to work in the industry. Also, struggles are a part of the journey. So, if a person wants to be successful then they should hustle.


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While discussing her struggles in life Juhi mentioned, that in many auditions she faced rejections. Also, she used to travel daily from Navi Mumbai to Mumbai for the auditions. She struggled at making new contacts. But slowly and gradually she became confident in facing people and making contacts in the industry.

“Now I am so strong and confident enough to deal will all situations.”

In the career span of 5 years, Juhi Kaur Virdi has worked with many famous designers in the Fashion industry. She has also done many shows like Lakme Fashion Week, Times Fashion Week and many more. Juhi keeps herself busy and always motivates herself to work for her goals.

“There are time were you face lots of failures but we need to keep our mind busy. Motivation of my life it to be active, available and updated” 

Juhi aspires to be a famous blogger, groomer, choreographer, director, artist, and influencer. When asked about her future plans Juhi Kaur Virdi mentioned, her basic rule in life is to keep moving forward. Also, she believes in working hard in the present and future will organize itself without any extra effort.

“I never plan for future. Basic rule of life is to go with the flow”

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