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Anupriya Chakraborty, HR by profession but a model by inspiration

Anupriya is someone who never was into flicks and Bollywood. Once her father’s photographer friend approached her to get clicked and that’s when her journey began. She started posting these pictures on social media and started getting offers hereafter. Anupriya Chakraborty HR by profession but model by inspiration She believes it was the people around her who motivated her and were credited for the inspiration she got to pursue modeling

“I am not one of those who used to watch a lot of fashion shows or Bollywood movies. Frankly speaking, I had a knack for getting clicked for many years and never thought of taking this field very seriously. So not a thing, but the people around me inspired me to become whatever I am doing right now.”

It’s very important to be grateful for whatever you have and this is what we learn from the model, Anupriya. She believes that her present is perfect whatever way it is. She is satisfied doing what she’s doing and is grateful for all that she has. Since many people hold a mentality that modeling is easy and a cakewalk, it isn’t. She thinks it’s very important to stay true to who you are to become what you want. 

‘I would say the most important thing to becoming a model is to “be yourself”. Never change who you are from inside or outside for making someone happy. Modeling is a great way to entrust self-confidence in a person and you can also earn money side by side. If someone is being themselves, they can become a great model. And in the age of social media, people are getting more and more reach. But it’s important to build one’s experience and portfolio to grow consistently in their career. But I strongly feel one thing: Nothing is easy. You need to have a strong determination and work hard to excel in any field.’

The changing trends and ways in the industry can not hold for a person but bringing in diversity has become a necessity and hence Anupriya also acknowledges the same.

‘There was a time when girls had to visit countless photographers and pay a buttload of money to get their photos clicked. And even if they managed to get some of their photos clicked, it was a difficult task to become a professional model. Now in this digital era, when almost 90% of people are on social media, anyone can become a big celebrity in a matter of hours. So, the process has become much easier as compared to times when there were no social media.’

Along with being self, when entering a field like modeling, everyone has a professional strength and a work ethic. It is unique to an individual. Both, play a vital role in framing the personality of a person. 

‘ I feel my greatest strengths are my dedication, attention to detail, punctuality, and hard work. I find enough satisfaction in my job to complete every task and prioritize every detail in order to deliver perfection every time. I tend to follow each and every instruction provided by photographers and show mutual respect to everyone, irrespective of their job profile.’

Everyone has experiences that help the growth in any field of profession. So do Anupriya and she describes her experience with Mr. Bhaskar Chakraborty as,

Mr. Bhaskar Chakraborty is very professional in his work and pays minute attention to details and makes sure everyone understands what he’s expecting from them. So many times I’ve worked with him, he has never made me feel as if I’m working and always tried to make me comfortable. This has allowed me to stay natural and be more expressive in my pictures.’

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