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“I am a man who is always on a mission”, Fashion Model, Sajid Shaikh

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“I am a man who is always on a mission”, Fashion Model, Sajid Shaikh

Sajid Shaikh is a fashion model based in Mumbai. He believes to go with the flow. Also, he feels one should always be consistent with their work. Moreover, he considers failure as a stepping stone that will always teach the sweetness of success. Elaborating more on this, Sajid said,

“Always success boost one’s ego, so failures are the stepping stone to go on and on. Also, I believe that one should be happy but never be satisfied. Just go on and on till the time one can. I am always under construction as no one can ever be perfect and strive to be the better version of myself”.

He is a former state-level football player and a fitness freak. It was on the football ground when he was spotted by a former model, Shamir. There he was playing for a charity match. He advised him to be a fashion model. 

“Shamir came up to me and told me that I am tall, I look good and have a good body. He told me to try for modeling. He gave me the number of a stylist. I met him and he made my portfolio. After three months I had my first shoot in 2017. Then there was no going back for me”.

Luckily, Sajid’s parents were very supportive of his decision of being a fashion model. His mother always wanted him to work in the artistic field and be in limelight. Though Sajid loves his fitness routine, he considers being fit and in shape the toughest part.

“I love to maintain my body but I also love to eat food. Specifically, people know me as a very athletic model with a great body. But I am a human too, sometimes I like to eat and to go on vacations. However, I am always on a diet. That is the toughest part for me”.

Sajid’s biggest modeling accomplishment to date is when he got placed in London last year. It was through his agency Anima Creatives. Talking further about his journey with Anima, Sajid said that it was in December 2018. He was working with Lakme when he received a text from the agency. Being a very famous and renowned agency, Sajid was quite underconfident to join it. It took him some time to get ready and confident. Finally, he joined the agency in 2019.

“It was the best decision to join the Anima. I was very happy when I got placed in London and my agency is known for getting placements on an International space. It was the biggest achievement I made it. And then I when to Dubai. The agency has taken care of me since after joining and I am working regularly”.

Sajid is now stable in his modeling career. He has traveled to many places for shoots such as Goa, Kochi, Mysore, Pune, Delhi, and many more cities. He loves being on sets and has enjoyed every shoot he did to date. Sajid is very flexible in his work. He aspires to take Indian modeling to International recognition. He has never stressed out during shoots and loves challenges and has been consistent in his work.


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“I love my work. It has never been stressful. It has never given me any pressure but if someone or something gives me pressure, I love it. I take that as a challenge and I do it in a much better way. So next time that person should say you did it better. I really love to hear the compliments people give for my work. This pushes me harder to get better and better everyday”.

Sajid is graduated with Bachelor in Commerce from Ritambara College in Juhu, Mumbai. He loves to spend quality time with family and friends. Apart from modeling, he has an interest in football and business. Therefore, if not modeling, Sajid would have made his career either in football or in business. He wants to associate himself with the welfare of underprivileged children. Sajid strongly believes in the rights of the children and wants to work for the betterment of their future.

Fashion for Sajid is everything. Fashion has got him the best version of himself. His lifestyle has completely changed when he entered the fashion industry. In the coming time, he wants to work with Louis Vitton, Alexander McQueen, Dolce & Gabbana. As he loves their fashion sense and styles. Sajid’s modeling journey has been incredible and he is doing great. Adding more on his journey, Sajid shared,

“I am doing great. I had nothing when I started and had zero sense in fashion. Change for me in life is like from zero to one thousand, physically, mentally, in every aspect I have changed but emotionlly, I am still the same. Modeling has been to me like sweet and savoury, I have got everything in this journey”.

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