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Harpreet Singh Sidhu ‘Make your own different identity than getting lost in the chaos’

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Harpreet Singh Sidhu comes from an agricultural background where his father is a farmer, and his mother is a homemaker. Harpreet Singh Sidhu started his career in modeling in 2019. He has faced innumerable financial crises throughout his life. But, the day he decided to pursue his passion, life changed for him.

Harpreet is a Punjabi boy from Bhatinda who came to Delhi with eyes full of dreams and is on his way to fulfilling them successfully. In his initial days, Harpreet Singh Sidhu worked as a trainer in the gym to reach his goal. Afterward, the money he earned during that period helped him pursue a Diploma in Acting from A.A.F.T, Noida. Although, Harpreet Singh Sidhu feels very fortunate to be born into a family where everyone appreciates and praises him.

I was facing financial problems, but that emotional support uplifted my strength, he says.

Since childhood, Harpreet Singh Sidhu was fond of fame and glamour, which made him pursue his career in modeling. Moreover, Harpreet also expresses his gratitude towards his friend and guide Salik Zargar.

I am very thankful to Salik to guide me correctly and never allowing me to take any bad decisions in my life. He is the person who helped in grooming me as a better model.

Harpreet Singh Sidhu says physical fitness plays a very vital role in modeling.

I personally suggest people be physically fit If they want to join modeling. Your appearance matters a lot in this field.

While talking to him he proudly says that he prefers Hindi over English even in this modern era. Due to this, he has faced situations where he was unable to grasp the conversation but he is definitely okay with it. Facing all the continuous sneering by society, uplifted Harpreet Singh Sidhu more to make his own identity in modeling.

People taunted me for my studies and stuff I was interested in. Thus, I was determined that I have to prove to everyone and myself, that I took the correct decision for me and my family.

Surviving through all the good and bad things in the industry, Harpreet kept going. Gradually, he understood how to deal with the people in the industry.

I went through a phase where I met people who suggested I have alcohol and drugs, where I was addicted to smoking, but ultimately I realized it is hazardous for my health as well as my career. I left it in a very short span of time.

Despite modeling, Harpreet also works as a personal trainer in the gym to help his family financially.

Firstly, I cannot earn that much money from modeling for financial stability, you have to do some work on the side. I am also like fitness, hence I work as a personal trainer. I also saved up money for my brother so that he would complete his education, and he did. Today, he is also working as a personal trainer in a gym.

Harpreet feels very fortunate about the fact that he started his journey with the famous director Ketan Bhatia and Designer Joy Mitra. His first show was U & I Fashion Week, Chandigarh. That motivated him a lot and made him believe that he can make his identity in modeling.

Harpreet has been part of calendar shoots like FIGO 2020, another with Nawab Rampur, and many more. Moreover, Harpreet has collaborated with the brand Janson. At present, Harpreet is working on a project with the famous Punjabi actor Gurchet Chitrakar.

After walking the ramp for U & I Fashion Week, I felt like I was addicted to the stage. I was on cloud nine thinking day and night about my first ramp walk of life. That uplifted me and I said to myself I have to do modeling only.

Harpreet defines success as achieving name and fame in the industry.

For me and my family name and fame matter a lot, money is ultimately there when you have a good name in the market. One should always believe that they can do it. And never lose hope if they really want to achieve what they want.

Harpreet’s advice to upcoming people in the industry is,

You should not do anything for money. In your initial days, if you are getting unpaid work, do not say no to it, do it. Else, I would also suggest they stay away from addictions if they want to be successful.

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