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Feel Good season 2 review: Mae Martin’s story on love, empathy and acceptance

Feel Good season 2 review: Mae Martin’s story on love, empathy and acceptance

Feel Good season 2 is now streaming on Netflix. Penned and created by writer Joe Hampson and comedian Mae Martin, this show portrays one of the kindest and cutest romances between Mae and George(Charlotte Ritchie).

Season 1 showed a quirky love story between two messy, incompatible people who fall for each other despite their differences. The final episode ended with Mae struggling with her cocaine addiction and a breakup with her girlfriend, George. The second season of the show is as its name suggests. It makes the viewers feel good besides all the emotional baggage Martin deals with. The show makes you laugh one moment and sigh the very next. As Mae retreats to her home in Canada, George explores her sexuality more. She meets a man whose charm and attractiveness begin to irk her. The vulnerability and obsessive love are what binds Mae and George together. Although Mae strains over her PTSD and its roots, both begin to move past their trauma and shame and lean on each other. The time that they spent apart was what brought them together after accepting each other’s insecurities unconditionally.

Even though the candidness of the show can be too much at times, it is successful in humanizing the socially broken. The fluidity across sexualities is realistic and teaches the audience to look at hope beyond misery. Feel Good ends at a note that felt impossible a season ago. It ends on solid ground for the couple leaving the audience hoping that the couple would face everything together, as a team.

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