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A Multi-Talented Woman Who Achieved Success in a Very Short Time Span

Anuska Ananya is a multi-talented woman who tops her college and then flatters everyone through her fashion reels on Instagram. She is in 3rd year of BBA at Birla Global University.  When someone claims that people cannot focus on studies if you get into blogging and fashion then you should show them this amazing woman who takes her studies and blogging career hand in hand. The pandemic has affected the entire world but the lockdown that occurred due to the pandemic happens to be a blessing in disguise for Anuska. During the lockdown, she used to experiment with her old clothes and started posting pictures of them out of boredom. She never planned to become a blogger but it somehow transpired to her.

Anuska took up the 21 days challenge and received a really good response. She went from 2K followers to 10K followers just within a month. That was pretty overwhelming for her as she never expected to get such a response, it made her really happy. Slowly a lot of brands started approaching her and that is how the blogging journey of Anuska started. Her mom was very supportive throughout her journey, she never stopped her from doing anything rather encouraged her.

My mom has always been very supportive. If you check my Instagram more than half of the pictures are clicked by my mom exclusively. So, she has always been there for me, helping me to create content. But, on the other hand, it was a little difficult to convince the rest of the family members. Some are still not convinced. My dad initially could not understand what I do and it took him time to support and understand my work. But as I am handling my studies equally with blogging so he does not have a problem with it.

Outside of blogging, Anuska likes to cook, she learned a lot of recipes during the lockdown period. She also runs a food blogging page called Slurp_n_burp_. Anuska is a shopaholic and loves shopping for new clothes, and like her Instagram bio says “I can never have enough clothes”. So, she always likes having a variety of clothes in her wardrobe.


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The society and the surrounding she belongs to have a very narrow mindset. So she has been criticized a lot of times by her own family member itself.

When I started wearing crop tops my family members used to pass on really bad comments. That affected me a lot. Although I do get negative comments in my Instagram feed that do not affect me as I don’t know them, so that does not bother me. But when I hear my own family members talk bad things about it, that is something that really hurts and demotivates me.

When Anuska approached some brands they rejected her because they demanded more followers back then when she had around 20K followers, which was a little disheartening to her. But now with 76.9K followers, those brands are again approaching her. So, the key to prospering in the blogging industry is to be patient.

Managing time is the toughest part according to me in blogging as I have studies and besides that I have to be consistent in my page as well. Also to find a proper topic for the content is  difficult. I make dance reels, fashion reels and sometimes I also try to make funny videos with my mom, But choosing a particular topic everytime gets a little difficult.

She has worked with various brands like Amazon, Skoda, Livon, Wonderworld waterpark, Esplanade One Mall, Red Bull, etc. She also worked for a jewelry brand called Khimji. Several salons like H plus, Studio 11, and studio 49 have also hired her for promotion. She also got felicitated by Arundhati Jewellers for her achievement in blogging. Anuska has also worked on an Odia music video which has more than 7 lakh views as of now.

When asked about how social media is helping aspiring bloggers these days she mentioned that it is giving them a really good boost and exposure. They are getting a platform to showcase their talent directly to the audience without any 3rd party hindrance. Social media is also helping in spreading awareness.

She has faced a lot of discrimination and prejudice being a woman from the society she belongs to. She relates to women’s empowerment a lot and aims to work for the cause in the future. As she has experienced personally that boys get a lot more support and privilege than girls which is really sad as both of them have equal capability to achieve anything.

Blogging has made me more confident and positive. I know how to speak for myself and take a stand when I find something wrong. It helped me voice my opinion and views. I have learned to handle criticism and trolls via this medium. As earlier I was kind of a Nerd and did not use to talk much but now I am very outgoing and confident.

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