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Weekend Bytes Season 1 Everything you need to know about

Weekend Bytes Season 1 Episode 1 with Isha Nalawade 

Weekend Bytes Season 1 – Isha Nalawade is a versatile girl who is passionate about exploring new things about herself. She does many things besides modeling. She is also an actor and a teacher. As we know, the life of models is seen as a world of glamor, but we forget that they had a life behind that glamorous world. The world needs to realize that behind the screens they are different. Isha describes herself as an honest girl who has also worked as a theatre artist. In her interview, she also talks about her life as a teacher. In her conversation, she also shared her concern about social issues. She talks about her both personal and professional lives and shared her journey about how she reached the place where she is now. 

Episode 2 with Shona Dalwani  

Shona Dalwani is a girl with multiple talents who is very self-assured and hopeful. She does various things without any fear. She is a model and besides that, she is also a makeup artist and a cosmetologist. She was criticized for her body by society as she is a middle-sized woman. She has to undergo various hardships before she became a model. She explains how it is hard for a woman like her to enter the fashion industry. Shona also sheds light on how she loves doing makeup and wants that as a serious career. 

Episode 3 with Huafrid Billimoria 

Huafrid Billimoria is a motivational speaker. He is also enthusiastic about sports. In his interview, he talked about his life journey and the hardships that he had to overcome. During his journey, it was difficult for him to handle difficult situations, but he is not that person who sits back and cries over things. He fought back and made himself what he is today.  

He is also an activist. He is a confident person, who knows how to bring balance when life is hard on you. His story is very much inspiring and we can gain a lot from his journey. 

Episode 4 with Gaurav Sharma 

Gaurav Sharma is an award-winning photographer. He is very much passionate as a photographer and has done varieties of photography. He also explained the difference between fashion photography and commercial photography. He shared his experience in the fashion and modeling industry.  

He does not like to be a part of the crowd and always tries hard to maintain his personality. In conversation, he talks about almost everything about his life and what he does. Since he loves photography, he also explains how photography is an important part of his life.  

Episode 5 with Yasmeena Ali 

Yasmeena is an adult fashion model by profession who is from Afghanistan. She is fearless and confident. She is a strong individual who does not like to bow down. She talks about her journey as an adult model. She explains that being an adult model in the fashion industry is not that easy. She also had to go through several difficulties and abuses in her everyday life from society.  

She is a person with a strong will and overcomes every difficulty she has faced. In the interview, she also shared her life-living mantra, she says that you need to love yourself and should not worry about what others are saying about you. She also said that you need to own yourself and your life, because, well, nobody else would. Loving yourself is the ultimate solution to every problem. 

Episode 6 with Richa Jha 

Richa Jha is a fashion model. She explains how she came to Bombay primarily for studies and entered the world of modeling. Besides modeling, she does several things in her life. She is a passionate and multi-talented girl. She is also a writer by passion and has also worked as a content writer. Apart from this she also loves skating.  

She loves to explore new things and always finds something interesting for herself. Richa is a young model whose story can inspire many of us. 

Episode 7 with Aayushi Dholakia  

Aayushi Dholakia is a young girl who is devoted to her work. She is a fashion model whose beauty can astonish anyone with her charm. She shared her experience being a fashion model and talks many things about the fashion industry. She also explained what it takes to enter the world of modeling at such a young age.  

Her story is very amusing and can shock us with her learnings at such a young age. She calls herself sensitive by nature and knows how to put her heart into what she does. 

Episode 8 with Joshua Okesalako 

Joshua is an Afro-Indian model who has a charming personality and we cannot remove our eyes from him. His charisma and style are different from other models. His posture and the way he faces the camera can instantly catch your attention. Although he is very captivating, nothing comes easy to you. Hardships and difficulties are always a part of your life. Joshua also had to go through misery in his life. He had to face discrimination and other issues along his journey.  

But he does not give up easily, he fights back and was determined about his career. Nothing can stop him from doing what he does. He explains how difficult situations can make you strong and allow you to get more determined toward your aim. 

Episode 9 with Ishika Singh  

Ishika Singh is a passionate and determined woman who comes from Aviation Industry. She is a mother, entrepreneur, and dancer. She is also an actress who has tried herself in the Telegu film industry. She talks about her journey as an actress in the south. She explained how different it was to follow their culture and work accordingly. It was a whole lot different experience for her.  

She also gives a glimpse into her life of motherhood and how she manages everything. She loves to try different things in her life and ace all of them. Her journey is truly an inspiration for other women.  

Episode 10 with Anshit Sharma Rapper Maddy 

Anshit is a rapper by profession. He began his rapping career when people in India did not know much about this different side of music. He talks about how his journey began as a rapper. He shared his experiences from scratch. He also explains how the world of music is developing and how the algorithm game is giving music a new dimension. He is also an exceptional singer and an entertainer. 

Apart from being a part of the music industry, he was also a participant in a famous show, MTV Splitsvilla. He has also hosted the show. He also shares the part where he had to struggle and how he tackles those difficult days.  

Episode 11 Concluding Episode 

In this episode the host of the show, Manya shares her experience of her journey. She has taken interviews with different types of people who were from different fields. She shared her experience interviewing them.  

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