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Zeel Believes That You Cannot Grow Alone, You Should Always Help Others

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Zeel hails from Gujarat and has been doing makeup for 3 years now, she was not aware of make-up earlier. She got her interest in make-up by watching youtube and Instagram videos. Then after that, she enrolled herself in a beauty course because she was very passionate about it. The place where she was learning makeup had quite competitive people. Some people tried to humiliate her and make fun of her so it was initially hard for her to settle. But she always made sure that after getting back from classes she practices every look as many times as she can till it becomes perfect.

Initially, her father disapproved as she was into makeup. Because he thought of makeup as something that does not have a good reputation. But Zeel somehow managed to convince her parents, because, for Zeel approval from her parents is the most important thing in her life. She would not do something of which her parents disapprove.

“I get inspired by everyone. There is no particular kind of person That I get inspired by. I get motivation and ideas for different kinds of looks from anyone and everyone. I believe that every person in this world has their own different style, that is the beauty about difference which makes me learn from every single person. The people that I like, I always try to hype them up by liking their posts, commenting as well as sharing. I believe in lifting everyone up”.

Zeel is very independent. She paid all her fees for all the beauty courses she did. The products necessary for makeup, she buys them with her own money. She never asks for a single rupee from her father, she likes to do everything by herself.

One of the best experiences was when she went to Mumbai for bridal makeup and the client was extremely happy with her work that the client and her mother hugged her appreciating her. That is when she felt that all the work she is doing is worth it.

Zeel likes to paint and draw in her free time. She is a very artistic person so anything related to art is something that fascinates her. She has faced a lot of criticism. But she always knew that she have talent and is good at whatever she does, so she ignores the negative criticism and rather focuses on her work.

“My biggest strength, as well as weakness, is my family. They are the most important people in my life. That’ is why till the time they support me and do not have a problem with my work, I do not care about anyone else.

I always take permission from my parents about everything, because their support is the most important thing in my life. I also have a lot of anxiety when I face rejection but my family and friends are always there to support me, which helps a lot”.

According to Zeel, a makeup artist should always remain grounded and humble. They should never forget their roots. There are some people who after getting famous become egoistic. They do not care about anyone and that is very wrong.

You should always remember who helped you to reach greater heights. Because fame is not constant but people are. You need to be humble and nice to them. Talent is the most important thing in makeup. You should always be open to advancing your knowledge. Because makeup changes every day, to keep pace with that you need to learn every day.

“In makeup the most favorite thing of mine is eyeshadow. I love experimenting with new and innovative eye looks. That is something that I absolutely love doing.

The people that I work with are really amazing because they always understand me. They help me keep calm. They know when I am getting stressed, and start helping me with my work.

The toughest part according to me in this industry is that there is a lot of competition. Here, everyone has their unique set of talent. So it is difficult to get established in this industry. But if you work hard, you can make your way through it”.

Zeel has worked with brands like Trysugar, Mars, and Myglamm. It is mostly a barter system. She believes that in this era, social media plays a very significant role. Because through social media people can see your work giving you a lot of exposure. Further, this helps in getting clients and also brands to start approaching you. She earlier was not very aware of the importance of social media but now that she is, she keeps herself consistent and posts regularly.

“In the future, I want to start my own academy when I can teach students and get more young people into this industry. I also want to have a good social media presence where a lot of people know me.

Although I am not looking for celebrity status, but yes Instagram followers matter because that is how you get recognition. I believe that creativity should always be encouraged and appreciated. And, social media is the best platform for that”.

Makeup has thrown a great impact on Zeel’s life. It brings a lot of happiness and satisfaction to her. She is at peace when a look is complete the way she wants it to be. She has become more disciplined and hardworking because of her passion for makeup.

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