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Why Indian Parents don’t consider modeling as a career for their kids

A LinkedIn study shows that 82 percent of Indian parents are involved in deciding their child’s career, and it is globally among the top three countries to do so. In India, parents don’t consider modeling as a career for their kids. Usually, they only promote what society approves of. In the eyes of Indian parents, the rose-colored glass view is the career of doctors, engineers, chartered accountants, scientists, etc.

because they are one of the most reputed and respectable jobs seen by society. Artistic careers like modeling are not considered much of a choice by Indian parents for their kids, in fact, very much looked down upon in some parts as well. But why is it that Indian Parents don’t consider modeling as a career for their kids?

Modeling is a career that simply means the art of a person who models. It is a profession that requires skills that gives you poise and confidence, the art of learning how to walk, move and show off clothing and fashion items in the most graceful way to sell them to the consumers of the brands. But modeling is not just limited to this goal.

It is something that can also inspire people, and motivate and encourage creativity. This career in today’s generation is considered one of the most lucrative and exciting professions where you are given a great many opportunities to travel, explore, experience, and meet big artists and creative professionals. But it is not all rainbows and butterflies, especially when seen from the viewpoint of Indian parents and those 4 people they consider as society’s review.

Every career has a negative or a dark side to it, modeling is one of the many. Modeling as a career is frowned upon in many families due to only its negative side being promoted all over the years. May it be revealing clothes or the amount of respect a model gets, an Indian parent is always unsure to send their child into this field.

The majority of families in India are conservative and go with the cliche mindset that becoming a model can cost you a load amount of money, respect, and no return on investment. Indian parents believe the career that their kids choose is what shows the values and upbringing they have given to their children and reflects upon them.

Many believe it is their right to choose a career for their kids. One of the perspectives that society has made is that taking up modeling as a career only means facing sexual harassment, less prestigious work for money, usage of drugs and alcohol, high risks and chances of failure, and so on.

What people don’t understand is that these kind of things are not necessarily true, and depends on how a child chooses to make decisions along the path of becoming a model. There are many dark aspects to modeling, but in the end, it all comes down to the choices you make as a person, and how you decide to overcome them.

Being a model doesn’t just take pretty looks and height, but great courage, strength, confidence, and belief in your morals. If we go on social media, actually read about the stories of models, and see as a whole how people have changed their lives doing what they love, like modeling, and not only catching the negative aspect of their struggle despite the societal pressure, we can find that modeling as a career is not gruesome but is a very important job.

A lot of Indian Parents also tend to believe that modeling does not hold that much importance, especially in society. What they fail to understand is that modeling can be used as a great platform to contemplate many social issues and work for the betterment of society.

Through modeling, we can express diversity and women’s empowerment along with the acceptance and acknowledgment of all genders. Most people have only seen white models who are successful and known in this career field, but slowly this is changing and many famous brands and fashion designers are taking in models from diverse cultures and backgrounds with different skin colors as well.

This not only promotes diversity but also gives opportunities to all those model aspirants who find it difficult to make a bright future in the modeling career because of their race or color. It also expresses women’s empowerment as it allows women to build a career in modeling and become independent, standing up on their own feet.

Inculcating all genders in modeling as well, can not only help those young individuals gain independence but also help the world acknowledge them and give them status in society.

All parents want their kids to be well settled and have a safe and secure future, as they invest in their future and education expecting a productive result. But in between thinking about making a proper future for us, they forget what we want to do in life.

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