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Udit Samania “Modeling is a scope for improvement”

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Meet Udit Samania, a fashion model from Delhi. From being an above-average student and aspiring to serve society to becoming a fashion model, Life definitely had something else in its mind for Udit. He is an avid sports enthusiast and watches, plays, and breathes sports. Moreover, he likes to be active and be around active people and is always up for any sport.

“I have a keen interest in people and in their stories. And I just want to know them and really listen to them. I am a people’s person and really liked to be around a good company”.

Throughout graduation and post-graduation, Udit’s batchmates always told him that he have that bodily grace. They always advised him to try modeling. However, apart from modeling, Udit Samania does a full-time job in an advertising agency.

“After completing my graduation in Economics and post-graduation in English journalism, I was very clear that I will be a business journalist. Though destiny had something else for me. When I went to advertising agency, there I got exposed to the world of modeling. This was backed up by the fact that people were always telling me to try modeling”.

Udit Samania a lot of times gets shy in front of the camera like any other person. As he tends to think a lot about his looks, fitness, and whether will he be suitable with the different colors of clothes and being rightly perceived. He overcomes his thoughts by taking a small break initially. He just stands and observes the set, the people, and the environment. Udit Samania is particular about his works and always keeps himself ready for new photoshoots. Adding to which he says,

“While preparing I first look for the Instagram page of the brand, what they have been doing and what new things they can get throuh me. Also, what new things I can provide in terms of pose, personality and preparedness. This includes knowing the brand and having a good reserach backing the things I do in front of the camera”.

Udit’s experience in different shoots especially any outdoor shoot has always been wonderful. Though the place for the shoot is beautiful and serene, his team makes him the center of attraction. And all the people he had worked with, the best experience Udit got was when he recently was shooting for a designer. All the male models were joking and laughing while the team was setting up the set and photographers were preparing for shots.


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Udit Samania has not set any specific goals for himself as he feels that it can restrict him. He would rather like to have a purpose than a goal. His purpose is to be self-aware and to express a lot through his physical being. In this field Udit wants people to notice his process rather than just himself. He would want to share his process with the world. Discussing further how he handles pressure and stress during shoots, Udit revealed,

“I any stressful situation, I follow one of my teacher’s advice. While teaching, he often said, whenever one is any stressful situation, give oneself two minutes. Put down one’s head and count one’s blessings. Be attentive and one will replenish”.

Udit looks up to David Gandy and Milind Soman. He feels that Indian representation is meager and can do much better if the perception of India transforms just from a developing country to a rapidly developing country. Udit Samania got his first modeling project through a batchmate with Tinder, India. If given the chance Udit would like to work with Sabyasachi, Manish Malhotra, and on the International platform with Burberry. The reason is he feels that they present their design in a unique way and they carry an aura of uniqueness.

Luckily, Udit Samania has never faced any kind of discrimination. Moreover, he has observed that industry has become much more open. Also, it has become more acceptable towards all kinds of complexions, body types, and that gives him a very positive feel.

Modeling to me is a constant scope of improvement. It is a way on which I can meet and talk to new people day in and day. This has helped me by always keeping me out of that comfort zone. And keeping me in a zone where I work on myself physically, mentally and where I tend to analyse my whole presence”  

As mentioned earlier, Udit Samania work in an Advertising Agency, full time. It was easy for him to pass his time during the lockdown by working. But he never stopped practicing poses and giving/sending self-taped auditions. 

His usual day looks like working in the office and scrolling through great models’ pose profiles on Instagram. He tends to read a lot of news articles because he loves to keep himself updated and discuss whatever is happening in society and the world. Udit Samania has different qualities and traits, discussing on it he says,

The thing that makes me unique is that I surrender. Complete surrender to the creative director and photographer. I do not interfere in their process and rather let them guide me to have a collaborative effort and outcome”.

For Udit Samania, the proudest moment for him is when every time he show his shoot pictures to his parents and saw smiles on their faces. He shares a close bond with his sister and discusses a lot of things with her. It keeps him light-hearted and he keeps working towards his purpose. Talking ahead about the momentum of the fashion industry and how he can contribute, Udit said,

I think the fashion industry should always remain in a flux, that’s how new people and new talent come around. There are no changes I would like to see, but obviously not status quo, it is just that it runs and should keep on running so that new people can also pace up and run along. 

I want to contribute by the expression of my body, be more connective and be around the right energies”.

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